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There’s still time to enter the Reasonably Clever Iron Man contest

The Pumping Iron: Extreme Armor Building Challenge is wrapping up over on Reasonably Clever.

Chris Doyle has a great example entry, “Late 1980’s Romantic Comedy Armor”. Ha!

With tons of Exo-Force and BrickArms prizes, less than 20 entries so far, and the contest ending on May 2, this may just be your chance to score some sweet loot. ;-)

Nathan Proudlove strikes it lucky

Nathan Proudlove has mainly been building amazing hotrods and other vehicles lately, but that doesn’t mean he’s not also a talented space builder.

Nathan’s “Lucky Strike” cave racer is blocky and colorful on the front and round, spiky, and black in back. The contrast of color and shape is wonderful.

(Via the ever-vigilant Young Spacers.)

Thumping of metal

Japanese mecha master Kwi Chang (Brickshelf) recently won Izzo’s Sci-Fi Industrial Mecha Competition (English info here on TBB) with another excellent heavy industrial mech, illustrated here in a cool background.

The actual model called Type-D9 is quite awesome by itself. You can see another amazing graphic that we’ve blogged earlier here.

Via Klocki

Dave Lartigue assaults the Necromancer’s Tower

When the dead rise from their graves to destroy the living, dark magic must be afoot (or it’s the solanum virus, but that’s a different story). Dave Lartigue illustrates one such incident in his “Assault on the Necromancer’s Tower” diorama. Here’s the tower:

The dead rise up!

Villagers fight back!

There’s lots more to see in Dave Lartigue’s photostream on Flickr.

Interceptor Rapid Mech Deployment Craft by Kidthor

Kidthor (Brickshelf) is a fairly prolific builder I hadn’t noticed (sorry!) until he posted this brilliant mecha drop-ship:

If that’s not cool enough for ya (and it should be), the mecha has a separate “Lodestar Aerospace Booster”:

Check out more pictures in Kidthor’s Flickr photostream or Brickshelf gallery.

Joriel Jimenez’s Commonwealth Peacekeeping Forces

Joriel “Joz” Jimenez (MOCPages) has been hard at work updating his Flickr photostream lately. I keep bookmarking stuff to blog, and then he posts something even cooler.

With squad after squad of great minifigs, Joz is clearly a man after my own heart. Unlike too many “army builders,” he peppers his multitudes with unique units like this pair of “Jump Jet Instructors”:

Here are my favorites:

Oh, and yes, that is a kangaroo in the CPKF Insignia. Nice.