Joriel Jimenez’s Commonwealth Peacekeeping Forces

Joriel “Joz” Jimenez (MOCPages) has been hard at work updating his Flickr photostream lately. I keep bookmarking stuff to blog, and then he posts something even cooler.

With squad after squad of great minifigs, Joz is clearly a man after my own heart. Unlike too many “army builders,” he peppers his multitudes with unique units like this pair of “Jump Jet Instructors”:

Here are my favorites:

Oh, and yes, that is a kangaroo in the CPKF Insignia. Nice.

5 comments on “Joriel Jimenez’s Commonwealth Peacekeeping Forces

  1. Andrew Post author

    Crap. I hate it when I misspell someone’s name. I double-checked, but the two E’s just didn’t make it from my eyes to my brain. Sorry Joz, and thanks McKlain!

  2. Xevious Alde

    WHERE DID U GET THOS LEGO GUNS . . . or did u make them. If you made them, could you show me how to make them? plz?

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