Wizard’s castle

Rocko‘s latest castle diorama has the majestic dwelling of a wizard and the usual pervert. Oh well, that’s Rocko. We’re your fans no matter what you ravish our eyes with.

14 comments on “Wizard’s castle

  1. Keith G

    I ask for spaking 2 babes at once (at least in my own mind I did) and Rocko delivers. Bow down son, bow down.

  2. James

    I could be wrong, but I thought it was said nothing would be posted that you wouldn’t want to show children? This is certainly pushing that to its limits, no?

  3. Andrew

    @James: PG-13 is the top end of our intended rating, which aligns with our Privacy Policy. No, I might not want to show most of Rocko’s MOCs to a 7-year-old, but I think this falls well within what’s reasable for an over-13 site. Hope that clarifies things.

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