Monthly Archives: April 2008

Kyle Katarn’s Moldy Crow by RogueBantha

One of the things that got me into Star Wars back in the 90’s was the PC game Dark Forces (released in 1995).

Tim “RogueBantha” Goddard has created a vignette to showcase his microscale Moldy Crow (an older creation):

I wasted far too many hours late at night blowing stormtroopers away with the concussion rifle and avoiding thermal detonators thrown by three-eyed Grans (“Tink tink tink…BOOM!”). Ah, good times…

Tim’s latest is actually a lovely little Theta-class shuttle, shown here with Palpatine and a pair of clones:

There’s still time to enter the Reasonably Clever Iron Man contest

The Pumping Iron: Extreme Armor Building Challenge is wrapping up over on Reasonably Clever.

Chris Doyle has a great example entry, “Late 1980’s Romantic Comedy Armor”. Ha!

With tons of Exo-Force and BrickArms prizes, less than 20 entries so far, and the contest ending on May 2, this may just be your chance to score some sweet loot. ;-)

Nathan Proudlove strikes it lucky

Nathan Proudlove has mainly been building amazing hotrods and other vehicles lately, but that doesn’t mean he’s not also a talented space builder.

Nathan’s “Lucky Strike” cave racer is blocky and colorful on the front and round, spiky, and black in back. The contrast of color and shape is wonderful.

(Via the ever-vigilant Young Spacers.)