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ねこバス Nekobasu (Catbus)

I watched My Neighbour Totoro for the first time just after Christmas. I wish I had seen it years ago, because it was absolutely wonderful. So seeing legorobo:waka’s model of the iconic Catbus was right up my alley! I love the somewhat simplified/blocky style…and that smile is just spot on!


But the coolest feature is definitely the movement:


Check out the full photoset for all the views.


Our final Hayao Miyazaki tribute for the evening — and last post title in Japanese, for now — is this scene from My Neighbor Totoro by Andy Hung (andybear@hk), who lights up the night with an electrified Catbus in another great entry for the LEGO contest in Hong Kong.

The front side of model

The sleeping Totoro in the second scene underneath the main one is well worth a closer look:


Kevin Guoh’s Neighbor Totoro

What better way to wrap up today’s green-themed posts with a character inspired by Hayao Miyazaki, whose movies remind us how beautiful and fragile this world is.

Here’s a great little Totoro by Kevin Guoh (Flickr):

The leaf on his head makes this LEGO Totoro adorably perfect.

Cat Bus and Toto-what?!

Most readers probably know by now that my favorite anime director is Hayao Miyazaki. It should be no surprise that I’ll pretty much blog anything Miyazaki-related.

First up, here’s pero’s small round Totoro, or “Totoroll”:

Next, Poizunn-05’s Cat Bus:

Finally, no post of My Neighbor Totoro LEGO creations would be complete without Todd Kubo’s ginormous Totoro:

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