Monthly Archives: February 2008

Bedford royal mail van

Steven‘s latest model is as realistic as ever. The following words from the builder sums up the model nicely:

“This is the Bedford Royal mail van. It completes my series of Lego Bedfords. They are based on oxford die-cast models and this one has the standard features of the others, suspension and functional steering. The back doors open and close with interior and exterior hinge details. The front grille has been changed to give some variation in the builds. I would like to give thanks to Taff @ Oxford Die-cast models for providing me with the template for the decals.”

Visions of after the Apocalypse

For the post-apoc contest on Flickr, I’m pleased to present my two entries. The first, built for the Survivors category, is a satellite outpost amidst a backdrop of a flower field.

One of my favorite features of this scene is the treaded bike called the Muskrat. It was the product of two hours of building.

The second category of the contest is No Survivors, and for me that meant black biomechanical machines destroy all of civilization. This piece is called Nocturne.

More pictures will be taken soon, and I’ll find time later to conjure up a backstory.

A forlorn and shipwrecked brother takes heart again

Literary LEGO will attract my attention every time, but check out the footprints in this vignette by Sir Nadroj (Flickr):

Now, if only I liked Longfellow’s poem as much as I like Sir Nadroj’s LEGO version of “A Psalm of Life.” Oh well, I blame Modernism.

While we’re at it, Sir Nadroj’s “whistle-punk” lumber mill also deserves a highlight: