Fan-designed Space sets due from LEGO Factory in April 2008 [News]

You heard me right, Spacers! (Space!)

Here’s the description on

Get ready for Space when fan-designed LEGO Factory Space Exclusives launch.
Help the Star Justice or Space Skulls crews gear up for battle!

Star Justice and Space Skulls, huh? Intriguing, no? :-D

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  1. Greg

    This opens up the tantalizing possibilities of building an army of new space minifigs through Pick A Brick, yes?

  2. Tom Bozzo

    What Shadowviking said. While Chris Giddens did some very nice PCS micros in Factory 1.0, I don’t think those were ever updated. And what would be super-cool would be if this were accompanied by some spacey expansion of the Factory parts palette.

  3. Morgan19

    I really like the silhouetted shape of that ship… If it truly is a fan-designed line, here’s to hoping it’ll get back to something more like Space Police and Blacktron and less like Life On Mars.


  4. Fred

    I wonder if the death of Exo-Force will open the door for fan created mecha as well?
    Omicron weekend set 10999 with 20000 pieces shipped in a wooden crate. Ages 21

  5. John Rudy

    Some Sandlin and Giddens creations would rock…

    Something tells me we won’t see a Spiff Craft though…


  6. Bruce N H

    Forgive for being an ignorant castler, but what subtheme are we assuming is “Star Justice”? I’d love to see some Galactic Inquisition or Iron Reich sets.

  7. John k

    It’s about time lego let the fans makes buyable sets! Now all they need to do is let the people on this blog make some MECHA SETS and evrethig will be perfect.

  8. Shadowviking

    @Bruce N H: That would be the Star Rangers.

    GI and IR sets would be killer, but they’re based on pretty non-kiddy ideas- Nazis and Religious Extremists- so, if sets were to be produced of them, they probably wouldn’t have much “flavour” and would just end up being “Space Guys in white” and “Space guys in grey”.
    Star Rangers and 3vil, on the other hand, are already the stereotypical “Good guys in white” and “bad guys in black and red with skulls”.
    At least, that’s how it seems to me…

  9. Dan

    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to leak this info or not, but the Space Skulls are skull-shaped things that vaguely reminded me of “black fantasy”. I know one of them had the black tentacles, anyway. There are pictures of at least two of the models in the new issue of BrickJournal – there might have been more, but I was only skimming Joe Meno’s copy and he wanted to show it to a few other people too. I didn’t see any of the “Star Justice” things (another space-age cops-and-robbers thing? Haven’t we had enough RoboForce/Space Police/Space Police II/Star Wars…), but I might have just missed them.

    It’s no classic space, anyway, but at least we’ll be seeing some new parts in the Factory selection.

  10. David

    They will most likely appear in LEGO Brand Stores.

    And I think the bigger news is going over most heads. It means they will be adding new bricks to the factory.

  11. Stormwing

    Finally an original space theme, and fan-created at that! Sounds interesting enough, if only for parts.

    But wow, they could really use some better faction names.

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