Castle-themed Cafe Corner and Market Street

Brickshelf user Kris1234 has shows us what the popular Cafe Corner and Market Street LEGO sets would look like in the older ages. It looks like civilization hasn’t progressed all that much, great semblance!

4 comments on “Castle-themed Cafe Corner and Market Street

  1. Jedimasterwagner

    This is a well-executed good idea, and one that has been in my mind ever since that mecha-cafe corner, and so i’m a little jealous for beating me to it. though I dig the wooden look, I was picturing a more stereotypical fortress castle style, with battlements and a drawbridge. next we need some space cafe corners.

  2. original

    Very good idea!
    Maybe you can also ‘transform’ the Green Grocer into a medieval version :)

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