Pictures of the new space sets?

Brickshelf user dsvelte has posted two pictures of the upcoming space theme. These pictures are claimed to be found in the most recently released BrickJournal issue. This is quite a teaser.

EDIT: Images no longer available.

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  1. David

    I wish they would have human verse human but that would lead to children becoming Hilters or something.

    The human part set looks good, could be better, could be worse. The bad guy section looks terrible.

    Now I just hope they don’t rip us off price wise.

  2. Potsticker

    Re: Classic Space Logo

    I noticed that one of the recent Mars Mission sets I bought had new version of the classic space logo on one of the stickers.

  3. legovaughan

    “Now I just hope they don’t rip us off price wise.”

    They’re pretty pricy as far as I’m concerned. At US$99 that means they will most likely not be on my list for purchase here in Australia.

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  5. wusmand

    Sorry for posting three times, but these seem way to deatailed for space, considering some of the mars mission sets. But hey, mabye lego finally figured out we like deatialed sets with cool parts!

  6. Hawk

    The base looks pretty nice, for a TLC set, but the skull seems almost exactly like one of Giddens’ or Sandlin’s MOCs, I can’t remember which off the top of my head. At least it’s not Mars Mission!

  7. David

    I was just reading up on the pricing for these sets, outrageous and stupid.

    There are only two sets, both cost $100, and contain 4 mini sets. So you have to buy ALL the good guy sets and All the bad guy sets. I think that is a terrible idea. They should just release 8 sets and have us decide what we want.

  8. Hawk

    Do we really expect TLC to impress us? As MOC builders, shouldn’t we judge a set on the quality of parts available for our own uses, instead of TLC’s designs?

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  10. David

    But the parts aren’t anything special for $100.

    Plus this is LEGO Factory, they will most likely be adding the new pieces in April. That means i could just save a lot of money and buy a few torsos for 62 cents each instead of spending $100. From these two pictures i don’t see anything special that would make them be must buys for the parts.

  11. thwaak

    Hawk: There are plenty of designs that come out of TLC that do impress me. Go look at the other sets in the Factory series. Those are impressive, beautiful creations….while these space sets….are not.

  12. wusmand

    Guys, mabye you should read the word “teaser” and even if they do come out, those are probably starter prices

  13. David

    Umm… the prices are official. The prices are $100 for four bad guy sets in one pack and four good guy sets in another set for $100. That’s not a starter price that’s the official price for the sets. Unless LEGO changes their mind, which has happened, the price stands. And they are coming out supposedly April 16th.

    The pictures are teasers as they are only 1/4 of each set, there is still a lot to see.

  14. David

    They are yellow.

    How many times do we have to have this talk? They are yellow, it’s not base don anything like a movie therefor they are yellow.

    And they look very yellow to me, they are way to dark for it to be ghost…shin… tone.

  15. John Rudy

    Thinking about the price point and the ability to purchase these sets, I realized that they are Digital Designer style, which means we could feasibly download the files, break them out into smaller sizes/ships/bases/price-points and order them on our own as well.

    This has occurred to me on a number of occasions with the Hobby Train models, but I still haven’t gotten the full set (finally snookered a relative into getting it at 50%) so I’m holding off to buy individual cars until I see the quality of construction in my hands.

    Breaking the models out and buying this ship or that base separately might be a logical alternative.

  16. legovaughan

    David: “The prices are $100 for four bad guy sets in one pack and four good guy sets in another set for $100. ”

    That’s a bit better – I thought they were outrageously over-priced. I might reconsider these then.

    Mike: “it’s almost exactly the same as mark Sandlin’s death skull.”

    Possibly because it IS Mark Sandlin’s death skull.

    Debate: “yellow vs skin tone”

    Oh for goodness sake! I cannot believe this issue is a deal-breaker and divides so many. Buy the sets if you like them, change the heads if you don’t. Sheesh!

    wusmund: “could these be fan made?”

    Sure are; AFOLs Mark Sandlin and Chris Giddens – I do hope we see more AFOLs invited to do others.

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