Monthly Archives: November 2007


Grave Digger model by Misterzumbi

The highly familiar Misterzumbi has brought out another great vehicle (car? truck? monster???), the famous Grave Digger. The model is 100% pure LEGO, even the stickers (although they may be pushing the definition). It’s worth noticing the high level of detail in the shock absorbers and the rod and hand structure for the base.

I think this model also has the best photography I’ve seen from Misterzumbi and possibly the best I’ve seen of LEGO ever.

...the greatest form of flattery?

Lately I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting myself motivated to build (mainly due to a highly messy Lego room). In order to remedy this I decided to make a couple of projects broadly imitating other builders’ styles. So…

Pigeon gunship

The Iron Reich-esque “Pigeon” was my attempt to imitate Keith Goldman’s amazing Reich style.

NWAAF Gannet

NWAAF Gannet was an attempt to borrow stylistic elements from Peter Morris and Nnenn to make a starfightery starfighter.

Neither are quite “cover versions” but both were fun to try. I may even continue it to three…