The Survivor (my first ApocaLego MOC)

Decades after the riots and wars caused by the Cataclysm, a lone man makes his way back to the city. It used to be his. He worked, breathed, loved, and lived here.

But that was long time ago. Many lifetimes have passed since then. He pauses beside Checkpoint Alpha. Built to keep the peace, it became a catalyst for violence and death. That’s all over, for now.

The wind trips lightly through the rubble and plays with the dead leaves. He peers into an old trash can, even the trash is gone…

5 comments on “The Survivor (my first ApocaLego MOC)

  1. Mainman

    The moc may not have all the flair of a Legoloverman, but I must say that is probably the most enticing backstory I’ve ever read with a lego creation. Kudos

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