Jon Walker’s Surak MkII

I had the pleasure of seeing an unfinished version of Jon Walker‘s Surak MkII at BrickCon 2007 last month. Despite being unfinished, its awesomeness earned it a rightful “Best Spaceship” award. Inspired by a Vulcan ship from Star Trek: Enterprise, the ship is 244 studs in length with a ring 62 studs wide.

7 comments on “Jon Walker’s Surak MkII

  1. CyberLizard

    When I see creations like this, it makes me weep in both despair and hope; despair that my models look like crap and hope that I can achieve something even close to this.

    The ring was amazing!

  2. Josh

    The ring is mostly 1×2 bricks. In something this size, a wall of 1x2s can be flexed to form curves. Its quite impressive when you see it in person! If you follow the “unfinished” link, you can just barely make out the construction of the ring.

    Also, I’m not positive, but I think this is 100% lego. No metal supports, etc. In the BrickCon pics, he has supports holding up the ends. So, I don’t think there is any internal metal…

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