Krush swings back to mecha

Dennis Coh, (aka Krush) unleashes a behemoth mech named Azoth, built in the bulky and armored style as his previous mechs. He claims to build lighter combat units next time; and so I wish you the best on your weight loss commitment, Dennis. Meanwhile, here’s Azoth:

3 comments on “Krush swings back to mecha

  1. NikTheGreek

    Where do you get these legos? I have some from when I was a kid and when I look at these great Mechs I want to pull them out and build one myself.
    Are there kits you can buy or do builders of these mechs have millions of bricks collected over time that they can sort through and use?

  2. Nannan Post author

    Hi Nik,
    These builders accumulate many lego pieces from buying various sets and individual orders from Bricklink. Custom kits are rare and are usually for very small models.

  3. dennisc

    Yep, Nannan is right. I bought lots of regular sets, specific parts from Bricklink, and used mixed bricks from people off places like Ebay.

    A good beginning start for mecha would be Lego’s ExoForce line for click joints and other nice parts. Other than that, get a good mix of different sets, and take a look at other people’s mechs to see what they use for joints (it depends on the size of your mech) and buy those from Bricklink. Also, check out for lots of mech MOCs and useful info on mecha building.

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