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Lewis & Clark rediscover Long Beach

Almost exactly two hundred years ago, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark ended their expedition across North America at Cape Disappointment (named 17 years earlier by English Captain John Meares), at the southern end of what is now the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington.

This past weekend, Lewis and Clark revisited — and rediscovered — Long Beach:

Click the image above to explore Long Beach with Lewis and Clark.

The Empire of LEGO Town: 10184 Town Plan [News]

Cafe Corner. Market Street. Cement Mixer. Recycle Truck. No longer is the Town theme reserved for endlessly repeated police stations, firehouses and construction vehicles. 2007 has been a truly awesome year for LEGO Town, and it only gets better. Feast your eyes on this set that can only be as a masterpiece:

10184 Town Plan

Check out the Classic-Castle thread for more discussion and pictures.

EDIT: More, high-quality pictures are now available on, including pictures of the interior (some pictured below).

For anyone who didn’t know, the man pictured is Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, grandson of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the inventor of LEGO. 10184 Town Plan is a remake of 248 Town Plan Board. The boy seen in the original set is, in fact, Kjeld.