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New LEGO Zero fighter from Junlego

Back in June I blogged Brickshelfer junlego’s Zero fighter. I didn’t say so at the time, but my only disappointment was that he built it in white, rather than the more typical dark green.

But now, behold his new, beautifully green Mitsubishi A6M5 “Zero” fighter:

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Final Fantasy V Creations by Kakurelegositan

It’s always nice to welcome new LEGO fans to Brickshelf or Flickr. So far, Kakurelegositan’s gallery consists 100% of creations inspired by Final Fantasy. Hurray!

Perennial boss and/or summon Bahamut:

Bartz and a chocobo from the cover art for Final Fantasy V:

Kakurelegositan has other cool Final Fantasy creations on Brickshelf, so be sure to check out the full gallery!

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Pierre, the Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey!

For the record: I don’t endorse xenophobia, and I can’t stand the sort of rabid nationalism that led to silly terms like “freedom fries.” I’m also three-quarters French.

But this is just too funny. m20xr/lego2000 appears to have proposed a new Space subtheme called Franspace. Naturally, this sub-theme has its own mascot, Pierre the cheese-eating surrender monkey:

(For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, read all about it — in a surprisingly comprehensive and balanced article — on Wikipedia. Apologies to my readers in this part of the world.)

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Moko’s FF Characters: Safer Sephiroth and Vivi

I thought Moko had finished his series of Final Fantasy VII characters, but apparently not! Recent updates include the final boss of the game, as well as one of my favorite characters from my favorite FF game, Final Fantasy IX.

Here’s Safer Sephiroth:

And the adorably clumsy Vivi:

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Moko’s Cyborgs, Villains, Goblins, and Zombies

I like it when Moko gets on a minifig-building kick. From Final Fantasy characters (separate post coming up in a minute) to minifigs of his own design, Moko is a highly original builder.

A couple of cyborgs:

An awesome villainous minifig with what appears to be a giant mechanical hand:

Some goblins and zombies:

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Jonesy (aka Kevin Heckel) is an inspiration to us all! In addition to the first floating rocks, he created the first LEGO chocobo.

Now, with instructions from Kevin, he and Fradel Gonzales are running a Chocobo Roundup for Brickfest 2006 later this week. Here are my favorite chocobos so far…

Mark Sandlin’s Classic Space chocobo:

Duane Hess’ Blacktron chocobo:

Chris Giddens barbeques a poor chocobo:

Chris McGrath’s Ice Planet chocobo:

Adrian Drake’s chocoborg:

Gary McIntire’s tan chocobo (love the rider!):

Danny Rice’s undead chocobo:

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