Moko’s Cyborgs, Villains, Goblins, and Zombies

I like it when Moko gets on a minifig-building kick. From Final Fantasy characters (separate post coming up in a minute) to minifigs of his own design, Moko is a highly original builder.

A couple of cyborgs:

An awesome villainous minifig with what appears to be a giant mechanical hand:

Some goblins and zombies:

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2 comments on “Moko’s Cyborgs, Villains, Goblins, and Zombies

  1. james h

    I love ur cyborg and villain. Where do you get these pieces there awesome, especially the pistols etc, unless u got them all with sets

  2. Dunechaser Post author

    I’m glad you like this, but they’re not actually mine — they’re by a Japanese builder named Moko. So, I can’t answer your question about how he gets his pieces, but I get my LEGO pieces from lots of different places: Sets I buy from the store, stuff I buy on eBay, and sometimes special pieces I get from a site called BrickLink.

    Hope that helps!

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