Momotaro: The Boy Born from a Peach

There once was an old woman who could bear no children. One day, she was washing clothes at the river, when all of a sudden she saw an enormous peach bobbing toward her on the water. The woman was poor and she thought, “That peach will feed me and grandpa for many days.” She caught the peach as it bumped against the shore and carried it home, where she used her biggest kitchen knife to slice into its bright pink flesh.

So begins the tale of “Momotaro,” or “Peach Boy” (well, with a little creative license by yours truly). “Momotaro” is quite possibly the most popular Japanese children’s story. Now, go read the rest of the story!

Back? Izzo has recently recreated Momotaro and his ragtag band of animal warriors in LEGO minifig form:

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