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You don’t need a massive base to fight the Empire

It can be hard to capture the majesty of some of the larger Star Wars locations at a scale that matches LEGO’s own sets. We have seen a few variations on the Masasi temple on Yavin IV at minifigure scale, but they all only feature a small section of the enormous rebel base. Anders Horvath has found the solution: downsize! This tiny temple appears to have been scaled around an X-wing polybag. In fact, make that several X-wing polybags! The benefit of microscale is that creating a rebel fleet is much less parts-intensive. The temple detail doesn’t suffer at this small scale though. There’s still plenty of texture in the ruins, as well as the paraphernalia that comes with running a rag-tag organization of misfits in the fight against evil.

Yavin 4 by Anders67

This Star Wars Yavin IV Rebel Base renders us speechless!

Most people would just buy the UCS Y-Wing set and call it a day. But clearly, legolux1973 is not like most people. Not only has he scratch-built the Y-Wing but he has created an entire section of the Yavin IV Rebel Base. Plantlife, scattered scrap parts as well as droids, and people busily working add tons of life to this amazing diorama. I particularly love the stepped sides and complex angles of the ziggurat-looking structure. He cites inspiration from Abe Fortier whose stellar Yavin IV creation was featured exactly on this date last year. Abe, himself cites inspiration from Jarek Książczyk and legolux also cites Josh Fowler. It’s certainly neat when one builder inspires another and the world is a better place for it. To be clear, this is a render but the model could be built in real life- or IRL if you’re super hip with the modern lingo.

LEGO Stars Wars MOC - Yavin IV Rebel Base

Because it is so well deserved, here is a separate photo giving some love to that amazing Y-Wing.The details are spectacular! That’s deets for those who are hip.

BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter

This incredible LEGO Star Wars build shows the temple on Yavin 4 after the war

The great temple on Yavin-4 was a Rebel Alliance headquarters early in their fight against the Empire. It even served as the main staging base for the assault on the original Death Star. But, once that massive space station was destroyed, the Rebels were forced to evacuate Yavin-4 and establish bases elsewhere in the galaxy. So, what happens to a rebel base after a hasty retreat? Markus Aspacher spent a year constructing an answer in LEGO for us.

Click here to explore the temple on Yavin-4 after the war.

Those scrappy Rebels

The Rebels in Episode IV of Star Wars were really a rag-tag bunch of freedom fighters, and their equipment was largely hand-me-down dilapidated old tech. LEGO builder Abe Fortier is showing us a side that we don’t often see though, of the Rebels scrapping out a ship that’s no longer spaceworthy. Abe pulled the Y-wing design from Star Wars ship-master Jerac, but gave it a cool twist with disassembled sections and of course, a portion of the Massassi outpost on Yavin 4 that the Rebels turned into a base.

Scrapping for Parts - Y-Wing on Yavin 4

Mum says it’s my turn to fly the X-wing!

It seems that Star Wars is experiencing a baby fever. We’ve had enough of surprise fathers, sisters, and *tries not to throw up* grandfathers, so I welcome the new and unexpected. Recently a certain cute green gremlin took pop-culture by storm, and replaced Minions as the default for Facebook mom memes. It’s 2021 and I still see the words “chiccy nuggies” and “choccy milk” in the same sentence. But whatever, babies are cute. Andreas Lenander has caught the bug and built a babyfied X-wing and some baby rebels.

Baby X-wing pilots on Yavin IV

All jokes aside, I really like this babyfied idea for being a new unique take on Star Wars. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about a small build by my friend Ross, where baby Greedo confronts baby Han over a bottle of blue milk. And Andreas’s build is really well done. The walls of the Yavin base offer plenty of variety in detail to keep it from becoming bland and boring. Andreas keeps the X-wing as accurate to the source material as he can, despite the small size. It’s a really difficult ship to get right, even in larger sizes. So big applause to Andreas, he won me over with this build, and not because of the babies.

Caught the baby fever? There are some more baby creations to see…
Or had enough of babies? Check out Andreas’s other builds that we’ve featured. No babies in those, I promise!

An overgrown temple on Yavin 4

Many LEGO Star Wars fans have long hoped for a set depicting the Rebel base on Yavin 4. Some fans have taken matters into their own hands and built their own rendition, like this scene by Legomania. Though only a small chunk of the Great Temple that housed the Rebel Alliance, this diorama accurately portrays the spirit of the activity we see in A New Hope and Rogue One. Pilots are milling about while Rebel Troopers run off to their assignments.

Yavin IV

Remove the Star Wars characters and accessories, and this could very well represent an ancient jungle temple here on Earth. I’m particularly drawn to the use of largely solid colours for different aspects of the diorama. And rather than use colour to break up the monotony of a pathway, brick wall, or stone steps, everything looks gritty through the use of different shapes, sizes and textures of LEGO pieces.

Explosive charge detected – LEGO Star Wars Battlefront 2 vignette

When the sci-fi shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched in the fall of 2017, fans around the world were finally allowed to live out life-long fantasies of fighting pivotal battles from all eras of the galaxy far, far away. One of these classic locales was Yavin 4, the site of ancient Massassi temple ruins used by the Rebels during the Galactic Civil War. In this scene by First Order Lego the heavily overgrown ruins are captured in amazing detail.

My Yavin 4 MOC based of SW Battlefront 2 (FULL OVERVIEW)

The scene depicts the Empire’s attempt to sabotage the Rebel’s defensive turbolasers, while defenders attempt to disarm the explosives. The model features some fantastic vegetation and the crumbling walls make great use of a variety of earth tones to give the structure a weathered look.

This close-up shows a clever use of Technic part as paving stones.

Pathway on my Yavin 4 MOC