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Train Engine Shed? Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time

If this handsome structure from builder legolux1973 looks familiar, you might recognize it from its young, wild, LEGO World City days as 10027 Train Engine Shed. Since then, though, it’s moved to the country and developed a quiet, studied sophistication clad in dark red. Only one engine bay is needed these days, but it’s grown to make space for modern locomotives and there’s a small office smartly tucked to the side. The black half-circle arched windows top off the banks of windows, and note the small 1x2x2 window with grille tucked in sideways above the bay doors. The scene is finished with lots of little details, including some fuel containers (Octan, of course!), a pallet jack with a pallet and boxes, a little portable tool cabinet, and lots of tasteful landscaping. We’ll raise a grease can to you, Train Engine Shed!

Legolux1973 LEGO Engine Shed 01

This Star Wars Yavin IV Rebel Base renders us speechless!

Most people would just buy the UCS Y-Wing set and call it a day. But clearly, legolux1973 is not like most people. Not only has he scratch-built the Y-Wing but he has created an entire section of the Yavin IV Rebel Base. Plantlife, scattered scrap parts as well as droids, and people busily working add tons of life to this amazing diorama. I particularly love the stepped sides and complex angles of the ziggurat-looking structure. He cites inspiration from Abe Fortier whose stellar Yavin IV creation was featured exactly on this date last year. Abe, himself cites inspiration from Jarek Książczyk and legolux also cites Josh Fowler. It’s certainly neat when one builder inspires another and the world is a better place for it. To be clear, this is a render but the model could be built in real life- or IRL if you’re super hip with the modern lingo.

LEGO Stars Wars MOC - Yavin IV Rebel Base

Because it is so well deserved, here is a separate photo giving some love to that amazing Y-Wing.The details are spectacular! That’s deets for those who are hip.

BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter