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The Star Wars starfighter everyone’s clamoring for.

As soon as we saw Din Djarin replace his Razorcrest with a modded N1 Starfighter, we knew an official LEGO model couldn’t be far behind. But some of us, like Markus Aspacher, weren’t content to wait. Markus is no stranger to building old spaceships, and his version of the ship captures the piecemeal nature of the engines excellently. And Markus has done some excellent shaping in the astromech-port-turned-Grogu-seat. The tapered curved slopes do a wonderful job of translating the curves of the ship while still sealing the main cockpit off from the vacuum of space (something that I’m not sure gets achieved on the official set). It should be noted that this isn’t the first N1 we’ve covered, Mandolorian or otherwise. Dig into the history of N1 starfighter builds right here.

This incredible LEGO Star Wars build shows the temple on Yavin 4 after the war

The great temple on Yavin-4 was a Rebel Alliance headquarters early in their fight against the Empire. It even served as the main staging base for the assault on the original Death Star. But, once that massive space station was destroyed, the Rebels were forced to evacuate Yavin-4 and establish bases elsewhere in the galaxy. So, what happens to a rebel base after a hasty retreat? Markus Aspacher spent a year constructing an answer in LEGO for us.

Click here to explore the temple on Yavin-4 after the war.

Here be alligators along the Shipwreck Island!

Ahoy mateys! LEGO builder Markus Aspacher has a little something that definitely hits us in the nostalgic feels. It is a remake of the official 6296 Shipwreck Island set from 1996. Like the set, it’s a shipwreck turned island complete with a small raft, pirate mast sail and alligator. But this modernized version utilizes newer pieces, cool build techniques, and a fancy-pants base that looks like a desolate location in the Caribbean. There’s a neat mix of solid-colored and transparent pieces that convey areas of depth and shallows in the water. It is way more engaging than the blue baseplate that the original set came with. This is not the first time this builder has wowed us with his swell build techniques. It turns out that awesome dioramas is kinda Markus’ thing.

„6296 Shipwreck Island Remake“