The Star Wars starfighter everyone’s clamoring for.

As soon as we saw Din Djarin replace his Razorcrest with a modded N1 Starfighter, we knew an official LEGO model couldn’t be far behind. But some of us, like Markus Aspacher, weren’t content to wait. Markus is no stranger to building old spaceships, and his version of the ship captures the piecemeal nature of the engines excellently. And Markus has done some excellent shaping in the astromech-port-turned-Grogu-seat. The tapered curved slopes do a wonderful job of translating the curves of the ship while still sealing the main cockpit off from the vacuum of space (something that I’m not sure gets achieved on the official set). It should be noted that this isn’t the first N1 we’ve covered, Mandolorian or otherwise. Dig into the history of N1 starfighter builds right here.

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