A miner bit of peril

LEGO builder Bart De Dobbelaer has a particular style, and that style is full dioramas set in science fiction spaces. Thankfully for us, Bart’s very, very good at it. This latest diorama takes place on an unnamed asteroid, though it reminds me a bit of Hoxxes IV’s radioactive zone from Deep Rock Galactic. But whatever the location, it’s not going to be around long enough for it to matter, as it’s currently in the process of disintegrating, spurting great jets of yellowish flame from a fissure, which is lit from below. The mining rigs with their dark blue highlights all have a jagged aesthetic bristling with antennas.

She's breaking apart!

1 comment on “A miner bit of peril

  1. hntrains

    That is a nice, happy scene! What are the yellow…? Wait, I have just read your review. Flames? I would have never guessed! They look like some sort of crystal/quartz slates, rather.

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