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Lombax and the Bot

Watching my brothers during the summer months usually meant playing video games for hours on end until about an hour before our parents got home. In our flurry of cleaning before the front door opened, we always looked forward to the next day, the next level, the next boss. One of our absolute favorites was Ratchet & Clank, and I’m sure we weren’t alone on that. Though many of us can’t yet enjoy the newest edition in the series on the PlayStation 5, we can at least appreciate these fantastic models of the titular characters by Peter Zieske. Built at a great scale with wonderful color-blocking and parts usage, the construction enables expressive articulation and posing which make this duo a great addition to any gaming shrine or entertainment center.

Ratchet & Clank

The alternate option to attach Clank to Ratchet’s back is also a crucial detail for that extra level of immersion in the characters. Great job on capturing these guys, Peter.

Ratchet & Clank

Bits N’ Bricks Podcast is back with its second season [News]

The Bits N’ Bricks Podcast continues celebrating the 25th anniversary of LEGO video games with two first episodes of season two already available online. The most recent episode went live just a few days ago on May 26th. During the Fan Media Days 2021, the Brothers Brick took part in an online session with the creators and producers of the Bits N’ Bricks Podcast and got an exclusive preview of what the team got ready in the following episodes.

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Eggman, eggrobo, and the coveted green emerald!

A lot of LEGO fans probably wish LEGO Sonic was a real theme. As it is, we’re lucky that we even got a Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure from the Dimensions theme. On the bright side though, LEGO elements are a great medium to play around with when it comes to recreating characters and scenes from Sonic games and cartoons. Ivan Martynov demonstrates just that, with his brick-built Dr. Robotnik and Eggrobo.

Doctor Robotnik

Martynov’s builds definitely make use of a lot of technic elements and larger molded pieces. Dr. Robotnik’s signature glasses are depicted by teal round bar and pin holder 1x1s, while his egg shaped nose utilizes a pink bulb piece. Eggrobo’s gloved appearing hands make use of the shaft with hand element. Overall, given how unique and round these characters and their features are, Martynov does an excellent job rendering them with LEGO elements.

An epic Battle of the Seasons

LEGO builder Malin Kylinger is at it again and this time she has built an epic fantasy scene she calls “Battle of the Seasons”. A scroll acts as a battlefield while four distinct factions battle it out in the center. Inspired by The Heroes of Might and Magic video games, this scene contains a whopping seventy-three minifigs. It’s difficult to understand the scope of this scene from afar, so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Battle of the Seasons

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With LEGO, the classic Atari becomes a wooden console made of plastic

The Atari VCS console is one of those objects that instantly trigger an emotional response. Seeing Build Better Bricks’ faithful LEGO model of the gaming system takes me back to my childhood, and I suspect will do the same for many other video game fans. Although much smaller than the original machine – consoles back in the late 70s really were bricks – it embodies the wood-fronted spirit of the console. There’s an eye for detail too, with inverted clip and claws mounted on inset bars to create the iconic flick switches, as well as superbly built joysticks. Before you know it, I’m sure this build will have you pining for a quick round of Combat tanks!

1977 Console

The Dragonborn speaks

Skyrim players the world over know the joy of a well-timed FUS RO DAH! The iconic shouted spell will blast your enemies, and if you time it just right, as in this scene by Victor, the results can be spectacular. This also happens to be the perfect use for LEGO’s new power burst elements from various Superhero sets, showing the blastwave emanating from the Dragonborn. Also not to be missed is the use of the tree-costume element as the tree’s trunk. Despite the obvious application, this is actually the first time I’ve seen a good tree made with that element.

Fus Ro Dah !

Happy DOOM DAY! Here’s some classic demons from the series

Even if you’re not of a certain age, chances are you’ve played (and loved) the classic DOOM series of first-person shooter games. And while today, Friday the 13th, may be seen as unlucky, it’s extremely fortuitous as the newest installment in that series, simply titled DOOM, releases today.

To celebrate the occasion, builders Cezium and Dylan Mievis have been pumping out a series of Bionicle-style representations of various creatures from the game. Check out the builds below and click the names of the demons to see the original game versions, so you can compare them to their LEGO counterparts.


First up are the works from Dylan:

Lost Soul

LEGO DOOM: Lost Soul



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