Take the train to Château Guillard from Overwatch

We’ve checked in with esteemed LEGO builder Matt De Lanoy and found he’s been quite busy this past year building the fictional Château Guillard castle from Overwatch. He tells us, “this castle was started in April 2019 and finished in November 2021. I would estimate the actual building/planning time to be about 6-8 months. There are approximately 70,000 pieces. The castle itself rests on a 50 x 50-inch footprint, the tracks bring the whole layout to 60 x 60 inches.”

Château Guillard

I’m particularly enamored with this view here. It really shows off the multi-level intricacies this castle has to offer.

Château Guillard - Southeast corner

Matt does not disappoint with a full interior. Here’s a bright room with a large bay window.

Château Guillard - Great Hall interior

My favorite detail is this statue.

Château Guillard - Courtyard Statue

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