Great Demon King Koopa

The marriage of LEGO and Nintendo that occurred in the last year has been a gift to nerdy builders everywhere. The Super Nintendo set blew our collective minds, and the Mario sets have given builders of all ages a fun new way to interact with the classic characters. Though the game is a cool idea for the Mario sets, the printed pieces and newer molds that LEGO provides in this line give builders a chance to do what they do best and build their own versions. Enter Bruce Lowell and his model of Bowser. At a larger scale than the official LEGO version, this build of the classic bad guy gives more definition and form to his legs and arms. The claws look awesome, and the spiked straps on his arm are an awesome detail. While the official LEGO Bowser’s proportions are a bit cartoonish, this version gives the character a more realistic feel. This is especially true in the face, which Bruce has molded with more depth and detail, abandoning the printed mouth tile and opting for a working jaw instead.

LEGO Bowser

I’m in love with the shell that Bruce built. The fiery hair and spiked collar stand out from the back, but that shell is wonderfully crafted. I’m glad he abandoned the big 8×8 shell base and built his own because the extra spikes are a great detail.

LEGO Bowser

Finally, this shot of his fire-breathing abilities is worth sharing. Brick-built characters like this elevate themes, and builders like Bruce Lowell really know how to bring them to life.

LEGO Bowser

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