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A flaming sword is scarier than a regular sword

This new LEGO creation by Geneva Durand begs the question; what is scarier than a regular sword? A flaming sword, of course. No, it’s true; it’s like science-fact written in the annuls of science-y stuff. The same can be said for flaming arrows, a flaming axe, and Flaming Hot Funyuns. I mean, have you seen those things? How are they even considered suitable for human consumption? Anyway, the builder tells us this 1:1 scale weapon is not quite swooshable but you can swing it around a bit if you’re careful. And it is super fun!

Flaming Sword

Geneva borrowed an epic cape from her brother and while we’re not quite sure if this is a real human in the photo, here’s a shot of a human-like figure standing with the sword to show off its imposing scale. It’s an image suitably bitchin’ enough to be airbrushed on the side of a 70s-era van or a Molly Hatchet album cover.

Flaming Sword

Cue the monk music as you wield this LEGO Halo energy sword

It is only fitting to think about the Halo Gregorian chant as I look upon this amazing brick-built Covenant energy sword – a holy weapon wielded by the noble class of the Sangheili species, crafted by Nick Jensen. According to Nick’s specs, the sword is comprised of a whopping six pounds of LEGO bricks and is 41.5″ long. No adhesives such as tape or glue were used – talk about clutch power!

Covenant Energy Sword - Halo

The inner portion of the blade of the energy sword is mostly comprised of clear-colored and light blue 1×2 trans-clear plates and 1×1 round tiles while the outer portion is made of trans-clear bricks and slopes in light blue, clear, and pink.

Covenant Energy Sword - Halo

The handle is crafted out of a menagerie of bricks, tiles, dome-tops, and slopes in mostly blacks and greys with some trans-clear parts. Nick also smartly constructed a couple of stands to display this amazing work. It definitely must feel pretty empowering to hold this sword – even if it is only a model made of bricks. It looks almost exactly as I remember it from the games. The Master Chief’s weapons have got nothing on this beauty.

AL-SPSS-N9 Spessar redefines striking darkness

A prolific name in the realm of LEGO mecha is Lu Sim. His mecha present functional articulation, compact cockpits and a ton of character. Each one holds its own in originality and portrays a definite omnipresence. Lu’s latest titled “AL-SPSS-N9 Spessar” is an excellent example. Supported by a predominantly black and dark bluish grey frame, the encasing armour has been completed in a brilliant use of trans-neon/trans orange elements.

AL-SPSS_N9 Spessar

See more of this great orange mech

The dragon becomes me!

LEGO and gaming go together hand in hand, but with all the videogame-themed creations being shared around the web, Overwatch seems to be the most frequent inspiration these days. This Japanese-style sci-fi sword by Sean Mayo takes loose inspiration from Genji’s weapon in Overwatch, but still brings a bit of its own style to the table.

Green Dragon Blade

The blade is built to be as sturdy as possible — one of our contributors swung it around at a LEGO convention recently — and yet it sacrifices nothing in terms of aesthetics. The blade uses different shades of green to achieve a subtle glowing effect, though what we see in this photo is either digital editing or a photography trick. The hilt is beautiful, using inverted and squeezed tyres to give it a wrapped look. One of my favourite parts is the round guard, cleverly using some slopes’ undersides so the shape flows smoothly into the blade.