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It’s-a me, Koopa!

Swan Dutchman built a Koopa Troopa from the Super Mario Bros games so adorable you almost feel bad for his fate at the hands of those pesky plumbers. Not only do the cartoony proportions of the head, shell, and boots in Swan’s build match up well with Koopa Troopas in recent Mario games, a variety of poses are also achieved with some Bionicle arms and legs. And if you enjoyed his Koopa Troopa, be sure to check out Swan’s other LEGO Nintendo characters, Wiggler and Kirby.

Koopa Troopa

It’s-a-me, Mario!

Cecilie Fritzvold is clearly a Nintendo fan, judging by this excellent vignette depicting a Super Mario Bros session. Check out the microscale recreation of the game onscreen — the floating coins and piranha plant are particularly good.

Super Mario session

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A LEGO Mario Bros Wiggler to brighten your day

Koen has managed to capture the cute shape and colours of a Wiggler in its calm state in his latest LEGO creation. There are many Mario Bros fans out there who will not need an explanation of what a Wiggler is but, for the uninitiated, Wigglers are caterpillar-like creatures in the Mario Bros games. In their usual state, Wigglers are yellow in colour and happy, relaxed little creatures, but when jumped on they turn red and become dangerous and unpredictably angry.


Koen has cleverly used a mudguard part to depict the gentle curve of the Wiggler’s smiling mouth and utilised Bionicle joints to allow those caterpillar legs to get into position.  With the cute daisy to top things off, this is an instantly recognisable build.

Mario Bros have been featured numerous times here at TBB, so fans might enjoy taking a look at these previously blogged creations:

Super Mario Bros Bricks
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Lego MarioKart
How much would you pay for a 6 ft tall Mario?

LEGO Super Mario Blocks are ready for punching

Michael Kuroda (madoruk) just built these lovely, iconic blocks from the Mario line of video games. Each of the blocks are perfect and look like they fell right out of the games. And, to top it off, that background perfectly highlights the blocks. They would be still be fine without a backdrop but it really is the icing on the cake. If I had to choose, I think the ‘POW’ block is my favorite but it’s a close call. They are all really well done. Michael really hit one out of the park with these beauties!

Mario Blocks

Lego MarioKart

This Lego MarioKart collaborative display by 74louloute, 6kyubi6 and fujiia features instantly recognizable characters and items from the game. You can see details of the racers by visiting each builder’s galleries on Flickr. Beware the blue shell!

MarioKart Project

LEGO Yoshi is adorably perfect

Bruce Lowell (Bruceywan) has created a truly fun rendition of one of Nintendo’s iconic characters, Yoshi. From the bulbous nose, to the “Yoshi Egg”, from the shell on his back to the brick-built hills in the background, this creation is simply awesome.

LEGO Yoshi