Build your own LEGO Yoshi, Baby Mario & Yoshi Eggs [Instructions]

Yoshi is a fictional dinosaur who first appeared in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as Mario and Luigi’s sidekick.  In the game, Yoshi can grab objects with his tongue, swallow the object  and then produce a distinctive spotted egg to throw.  Well thanks to Mr Kevin Hinkle, you can now build your own LEGO Yoshi, complete with Yoshi eggs and Baby Mario.

LEGO Yoshi
LEGO Yoshi and Baby Mario
Dave Pickett has kindly provided video instructions for Kevin’s models,  so go and build your own Yoshi and throw some Yoshi Eggs.

There are different sections in the video, so here at the direct links to your build of choice:
Yoshi – 4:15
Yoshi with Mario riding – 17:35
Baby Mario – 21:17
Yoshi Eggs – 28:32

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  1. Purple Dave

    I just read a few months ago that the original idea was that Mario was actually punching Yoshi in the back of the head to get him to shoot his tongue out. I never played much of the Mario franchise, and I can’t remember if they said this was changed before Yoshi’s first game was released, or if they actually shipped it like this for the first one.

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