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A backyard construction project

A product of the recent “Construction Constructions” LEGO building contest over at New Elementary, Jaroslaw Walter has implemented quite the assortment of construction contraband in this backyard diorama. First up is the expert use of the forklift roll cage for the legs of the lawn chairs and table. This furniture sits on an area of pavers made of bulldozer treads which add the perfect bit of texture to the patio area. And the dozer scoops for planters along the left wall are a brilliant choice, fitting into the rest of the scene expertly. But my favorite usage has got to be all the minifig wrenches used throughout the scene in everything from a lock to plant stems.

Tiny Backyard

Your ‘wich is my command!

I’m pretty sure that Jaroslaw Walter knew that I was starting a diet today, and that the last thing I needed to see was a delicious, melty LEGO Italian sandwich on ciabatta bread. I know it’s made of plastic. I know those juicy sun-dried tomatoes are actually minifig fireman helmets. And I know that the ooey-gooey cheese is accumulating on the parchment paper in pools made of 3×3 and 4×4 radar dishes. And, yes, I know the paper-thin slices of Parma ham are ingeniously made of plastic dragon wingsItalian Ciabatta with Chips

An elegant exercise in plating built with LEGO plates

There’s just something extra sweet about these amazing chocolate (well, LEGO) confections from Jaroslaw Walter. Minimalist in their builds, they instantly evoke a $50 a plate Michelin Star dessert course. Let’s start off with some musical highlights. The treble clefs used here first appeared in Trolls sets as minifigure accessories, and the stave (the lines from the sheet music) might be from the equally soothing 10281 Bonsai Tree.


Drizzled in dark chocolate round plate, decorated with white-chocolate dipped berries made from Lion Dance eyes, this tiny cake hints at a taste of lavender from its lilac minifigure washtub base.


Have room for just one more? Might we suggest these tiny slices of heaven served on red balloon panels? Don’t forget to taste the dark-blue vine garnish.


As much as we’d like to eat all of these…probably best to recognize that LEGO bricks aren’t digestible. So don’t eat your bricks, kiddos. You’ll just regret it. And probably run up some insane hospital bills, to boot.