Building “Brick” Obama

Former U.S. President Barack Obama has become a BrickHeadz character, complete with a stately looking LEGO rendition of the Oval Office. Irish builder jarekwally built this display for a local LEGO event called Brick Obama, named after the Barack Obama Plaza shopping center where the event was held. Why is there a shopping center in Ireland named after Obama? As it turns out, the former president’s great-great-grandfather once lived in the Irish village of Moneygall. I learned something new!

Brick Obama

In building his model, jarekwally referenced actual photographs from inside the Oval Office. His efforts paid off, resulting in a room full of wonderful details. The curvature of the room looks natural, the curtains are hanging, and various bricks have been used in clever ways to form the molding. All of this is further accentuated by carefully placed and quaint looking LEGO furniture. While such aspects of the build are impressive, I’m particularly in love with the plate-built flags positioned to capture them at rest.

Brick Obama

Everything is framed within a white box, complete with with a small American flag and “U.S.” abbreviation. On the whole, it’s a nice presentation. Dare I say, it’s even presidential.

Brick Obama

2 comments on “Building “Brick” Obama

  1. Sig Ratkoviak

    If anyone’s ever in Ireland, and you’re traveling from East to West, Moneygall’s Barack Obama Plaza is totally worth the stop, as it’s along the way. It’s not so much a shopping center as the cleanest gas station and food court you’ll ever find, but there’s a great little museum showing Obama and other POTUS’s Irish roots. It was an awesome little spot to stop, and hilarious that a quality museum was put above a food court, but well worth the stop. You’ve never seen anything like it.

  2. Michael Crichton

    The builder TRIED to make a BrickHead Trump, but couldn’t find pieces small enough for the hands. ;-)

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