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Bionicle was a line of sets that grew out of the LEGO Technic line that LEGO produced between 2001 and 2010, succeeded by Hero Factory. Bionicle had an incredibly complex storyline that accompanied the sets, and most of the elements didn’t integrate well with traditional SYSTEM bricks. As a result, long-time adult fans like the contributors here on The Brothers Brick never quite appreciated what Bionicle had to offer, so most of the LEGO models we feature here on The Brothers Brick are built from traditional SYSTEM bricks. Nevertheless, we do appreciate a great Bionicle creation from time to time.

What to do with Bionicle feet?

How about build an awesome little mecha, with a foot for armor on the body? That’s what Fredo (Fredoichi) has done with his new Hayaku v3 – Gun Runner.

There aren’t many parts available in the sand green color of the Bionicle foot he’s used, so he’s found a novel solution. He’s gone ahead and ripped the legs off of some minifigs, and used their hips as a detail piece.

Hayaku V3 Gun Runner

Bionicle Portal Turret wonders if you’re still there

It appears we’ve found another Valve fan in Arkov, whose Turret from Portal captures the whimsically terrifying nature of these nasty little robots.

LEGO Bionicle Portal Turret

If you were looking at an Aperture Science Military Android from this angle, there would be blood on the wall behind you. Just sayin’.

Hero Factory replaces Bionicle in August 2010 [News]

News from Wizard World Magazine reveal pictures of successors of Bionicle: Hero Factory. The plot of the new line describes certain Heroes who fight evil across space and time, which pretty much sets the stage for an infinite possibility of expansions. At a decent price of $7.99, you can purchase your Hero when they arrive in August of this year.

Via Eurobricks