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Let this droid diagnose you

Marco Marozzi has always been a really creative builder, with very original shapes and great part usage in mind. So when I saw that he was participating in a build challenge that I have been promoting, the Mecha Racing League, I was more than excited. But his particular build — a take on a pit droid — just made my jaw drop.

MRL Standard MCM Pit Droid

The build has amazing greebling and great orange plating that really stands out and draws in your eye, as well as cool additional details like the diagnostic tablet. I also like that the mech rolls on small spheres, which is an amazing concept for great mobility. I mean, I can really picture a bunch of these guys ready to repair any racing mechas on a pit stop.

Modular is the new black

To say that Lu Sim is a master mecha builder is an understatement – his builds are the stuff of legends. But recently he has being trying to achieve an industrial look, and what better way to achieve this than by creating mechas that are modular, that with just a change of components can become different builds. And his reFX01 Type D is evidence of that:

reFX01 Type D

This particular version of the reFX01 swaps the shoulders for something more protective and allows for the wielding of dual guns. There is a change of a colors as well, since it shows a very distinctive palette, that is segmented beautifully. It is truly amazing that with very few changes, he can achieve a different look from the previous mecha. As a reference, here are the original types A and B of the same reFX01, which we blogged previously.

reFX01 Type A/B

Be sure to check out the builder’s blog for more details about this build.

Sometimes it’s OK to play with your food

Builder nobu_tary has made me want to eat some LEGO. I might choke during this post, but it will be worth it because this looks amazing and delicious, and is one heck of a build:


Look at the tasty details: the toppings are placed perfectly, just random enough to resemble the real mess of a pizza; the red bricks layered below the cheese make for a great sauce effect; the crust looks great with different shades of brown; and the dripping cheese was a great detail. But most amazingly he built this piece in the most dynamic pose a slice of pizza can have, when you have just picked it up. Now I’m craving for a slice of delicious cheesy goodness even more.

This spider is not afraid of a little steam

Steampunk is usually associated with Western civilization. But what about other regions, with countries that where once part of an ancient empire? The Buhar Walker by Indonesian builder Charis Stella may provide the answer:

The Buhar Walker

This build mixes the impeccable attention to detail required for any steampunk creation, and an exotic design inspired by foreign lands, with a touch of luxury and royalty. Not only a great build, but maybe the start of a new steampunk sub-theme?

We’re going to need a bigger Vorpal sword

Lewis Carroll’s imagination has always been a great source of inspiration in different media, LEGO building being one of them. This time Kelvin brings us his creation — one that should astonish the hearts of any fantasy novel reader, the Jabberwocky:

Look at those big fangs, they look like they could Slash

Gaze at those amazing details, I specially like THE tail

Fear for the poor Alice, She might try to stay alive

With the Vorpal sword in hand, she might actually stand a chance.


Let the fire inspire you

I’ve been promoting the Mecha racing leage (MRL) for a while now and I’ve seen amazing creations from great builders across the LEGO-verse, so I could not stay quiet, and built what I think is one of the best mechas I’ve made so far, the Fira:

MRL - Fira

I wanted to create a mecha inspired by hot rods (my favorite type of cars) and rally cars (I love how they look). This mecha is all about pure power and speed, with fire coming out of its exhaust and a color combination that draws the eye. I used a few stickers from this official set to add details, and I think it adds to the build. It also fits a pilot and I particularly like the way it opens to access the cockpit:
MRL - Fira

Remember, if you want to be part of the fun, you can see how to participate on the MRL here.

Titanosaurus Wrex wreaks havoc

Tremah has managed to create this menacing little robotic dinosaur from Bionicle figure parts. I particularly like the small details such as the cool blue eyes, the fangs, and raised vertebrae. The design even improves on the original dinosaur… See, mother nature? Longer arms!

Titanosaurus Wrex

Does the steam make it shinier?

Moko is an amazing builder – that is a fact. His mechas and character creations are among the best out there, so it was a huge and pleasant surprise when I saw this amazing steampunk car created by him:

Steampunk car

I’ve rarely seen him build vehicles, so seeing this build filled me with joy. Just check out the chromed details, the gear placement, and wood elements mixing perfectly with the build. The characters are also a great addition. They just look like they could be part of a great story.

If by any chance the colors look familiar, well, that is because this car is part of a set:

Steampunk car

We blogged the steampunk mecha not so long ago, but they look so good together, I just drooled when I saw them next to each other. They’re a match made in heaven – a heaven sustained in the air by steam-powered propellers.

In space, no one can hear you “pew-pew”

You know you’ve seen a great spaceship model when it inspires you to try to build your own, and this model by Leonardo Lopez does that for me.

TIZONA - space fighter - IB 02

The design of the Tizona is excellent. With four huge thrusters, this thing looks like it can go really fast, and the two main canons fit the design beautifully. The cockpit is also very creative and fits a minifig inside, but what strikes me the most is the unconventional shape and amazing colors.

Cute like a bee, stings like a wasp!

Jon Hall has built an amazing replica of a great dieselpunk dogfighter design by Jake Parker, and it has me soaring through the air with joy.

E-41 Skyclipper

This build is so detailed, the colors are perfect, the wing shapes are amazing, and even the details with decals are superb. As a fan of planes — real or fictional — this model hits all the right spots. Congratulations Jon, you made made me badly yearn to swoosh this plane.

The weekend is here!

I think Bricktology has great ideas for this weekend. Let’s start Friday with a cool gathering in front of the old karaoke machine, fueled by sugar and delicious things to eat. Don’t forget to let the Yeti in from the cold!

Karaoke friday

Then on Saturday, its time for a BBQ! Plenty of food and drink and friends. Don’t go overboard, though; you’ve still got a day to go!

BBQ / Inuman sa Kanto

Last, but not least: Sunday. This day is for rest, relaxation, and remembering all the fun you had this weekend. If you have the energy, take some time to build with LEGO.

Sunday morning

So, what are your plans for the weekend?

Let fury rule over you

Marco has always been an interesting mecha builder, and his builds are not your typical gundam style. He usually experiments with new shapes, sizes and unique building techniques, and even this build — Fury II Gen — is not his most experimental mech. I think it is the perfect mixture of traditional and inventive.

Fury II Gen. Mech

The shapes are incredible, the building techniques are spot on, the part usage is great, and the weapon is awesome. But I think that what sells me with this build is the pose. You can see it is combat ready and waiting for a target.