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Modular is the new black

To say that Lu Sim is a master mecha builder is an understatement – his builds are the stuff of legends. But recently he has being trying to achieve an industrial look, and what better way to achieve this than by creating mechas that are modular, that with just a change of components can become different builds. And his reFX01 Type D is evidence of that:

reFX01 Type D

This particular version of the reFX01 swaps the shoulders for something more protective and allows for the wielding of dual guns. There is a change of a colors as well, since it shows a very distinctive palette, that is segmented beautifully. It is truly amazing that with very few changes, he can achieve a different look from the previous mecha. As a reference, here are the original types A and B of the same reFX01, which we blogged previously.

reFX01 Type A/B

Be sure to check out the builder’s blog for more details about this build.