Edulyoung’s Pegasus automaton soars on alabaster wings

This pegasus sculpture by Edulyoung is beautiful enough to highlight here, but the Technic pedestal reveals there’s more to this flying LEGO horse than pretty white bricks. This video of the pegasus in motion quite literally took my breath away. Via Legobloggen.

Korean TV show scenes recreated in LEGO by edulyoung

We’ve featured Brickshelfer edulyoung several times here on The Brothers Brick, often for rather complicated, large-scale sculptures. This time, I’m highlighting edulyoung’s LEGO creations for their beautiful simplicity: Somewhere between minifig and miniland scale, edulyoung’s characters are truly unique. The woman’s costume deserves a closer look: Based on the striped sleeves (and the text in Continue reading →

Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?

Konoyaro shows us his underwater world in this fun scene from The Little Mermaid!

LEGO car crash? Just rebuild it!

Matthew Terentev brings us the classic Gaz-24 as a splendid LEGO Technic model, both before and after its crash.

This harp plucks at our heartstrings

A builder aptly named Vincent’s LEGO Creation conjures up images of lords and ladies dancing in 17th-century splendor with this amazing LEGO harp.

Rescue from the Merpeople

@cheeseystudios brings Rescue from the Merpeople to 2020.

The guardian spirit of the woodlands

Builder Joss Woodyard (@jayfa_mocs) brings us a mighty guardian spirit. Part owl, part lion, it’s all expertly crafted from LEGO.

Not a very “chicken” walker

Lewis Kiwi gives us the greatest AT-ST LEGO model ever seen on the internet.

Herbology class is in session

Kale Frost (@frostbricks) teaches us a (Herbology) lesson with his build featuring some newly released minifigures and elements.

King Louie, the biggest ape of all

Lestrange Absurde made a orangutang and is absurdly cute

What’s this? What’s this?

Yeah, there’s been a lot of Christmas set news lately. But some of us think we should be focusing more on Halloween. Luckily, @delayice found a middle ground with these great character builds from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

A plucky bot to make you smile

Markus Rollbühler (@moriartus) shows us that even the most seemingly useless accessory can find the perfect place in a mech.