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Gare de Rochefort in bricky glory

Train Station

I’ve been somewhat less than diligent in my checking of Brickshelf lately, so I count myself very fortunate I caught the Eurobricks thread for this wonderful train station. Unlike art deco, which is lends itself nicely to LEGO bricks, the art nouveau style of Rochefort’s main station is quite a challenge to represent in LEGO. But Domino39 has pulled it off with aplomb. Beautiful work. See especially the droid hands making up the front canopy.

Where the Sea, Sky, and Stone Meet, There You Will Find The Loneliest Soldiers

Soldiering in a place like the Colonial Outpost by The Brick Time Team must be a little desired job–although it affords views like no other. This really is an excellent piece of work, though. The weathering of the sandstone walls is superbly done, and probably does more to make this MOC stand out than anything else. The rest of the diorama is terrific too, however, with the good effect made of the transparent 1×1 round plates for water, and some nicely detailed rock work.

Colonial Outpost #002

[Event] BrisBricks 2012 – Sep 29 to Oct 1 2012

While I’ve dusted off my login credentials I’ll also take a moment to pimp something that’s never happened to me before: a LEGO event in the city I live. So I announce the BrisBricks 2012 show, running here in sunny Brisbane from Sep 29th to Oct 1st. Find more details below the logo.


BrisBricks – LEGO® Fan Expo 2012: Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1 Brisbane [News]

The Brisbane LEGO® Train Group is proud to announce our first Annual LEGO® Fan Expo – BrisBricks!
Our inaugural show will be three fun filled days open to the public across the October long weekend in the sunny South Brisbane suburb of Mt Gravatt.

In addition to some great MOCs, awesome displays and some classic sets we’ll also have specialty LEGO® retailer Bricks n Fun on-site for all your LEGO® needs.
Show times:
Saturday 29th September 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday 30th September 9:00am to 5:00pm
Monday 1st October 9:00am to 4:00pm

Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds
Hamlyn-Harris Pavilion
1644 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt QLD

Ticket Pricing:
Adults: $6.00
Children: $2.00 (3-15yrs)
Children under 3 Free

If you’re interested in exhibiting, you can drop us a line at
Stay tuned for more details about special exhibits and other fun stuff.
Checkout our website at for more details or follow us on Facebook!

Recognising the Re-Gogg E

As you may (or may not!) have noticed I’ve been on something of a hiatus lately thanks to IRL business and busyness. But sometimes there are things that force me to post. Like this awesome Gundam universe inspired, Z-Gog-E influenced mecha by FateHeart. I think the fingers could do with a little bit of work but the rest of RSu-02e Re-Gogg E is a layered and angled beauty.

United Earth Federation Ground Arm - RSu-02e Re-Gogg E

Rivendell captured in Lego

Blake Baer and Jack Bittner present their second collaboration shown at BrickFair earlier this month. This time they built the beautiful Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. This is the first time I’ve seen the olive colored leaves used in significant quantities and they are great highlights on top of an already gorgeous diorama. You can see a video tour of the details on Flickr and more pictures including behind-the-scenes shots on MOCpages.


Look out! Melusines are falling from the sky!

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for what might possibly become a large influx of Maschinen Krieger geekery on my part over the next couple of months.

Apparently when it rains it pours…because today there has been two Melusine hardsuits posted by two different Flickr members. The Melusine has to be one of my favourite Ma.K suits simply because of it’s odd proportions. So seeing these two posts absolutely made my day!

First one was done by Logan (CaptainInfinity), and is a perfect accompaniment to his SAFS Raccoon that I featured the other day.

Ma.K Melusine

As much as I wanted to, I wasn’t going to post Logan’s after seeing it this morning because I didn’t want people to think that all I am going to feature are his Ma.K suits. But when LEGOLIZE IT MAN posted his CAD version, enough was enough…I just couldn’t resist any longer.

melusine take 1

The thing I love about both of these builds, is that they have each used very different buiding techniques and styles to represent the source material. Both are unique, yet still are very recognizable.

Now, I promise that I will make sure that I post other things besides just Ma.K creations…

More Awesome Lego Vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises by Tiler

Flickr user Tiler has recently been working through creating various vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises in Lego form. We featured his Tumbler models not long ago, but he’s been hard at work since then adding to the roster. Although we’ve seen many fantastic versions of Batman’s vehicles over the years, but what grabbed me about Tiler’s creations is that they’re in a much smaller scale than most of what we see, without lacking in detail. His latest vehicle is Bane’s truck, which is an awesome monstrosity, and Tiler has perfectly captured the extreme industrial-military look of it. Be sure to also check out his Batbike (below) and terrific Bat.

The simpler things in life.

Sometimes all you need are a small number of pieces to create something wonderful. That is exactly what Brickshelf user Jetboy (badjoy) did with this Black Temple. The use of the technic tread links to form the columns of the Greek style temple is ingenious!

You can also find more on his Flickr account.

Big thanks to Titolian for pointing this out to me.