Monthly Archives: October 2010

Now that is a SHIP...

This gorgeous sea-going beauty belongs to Gerard Joosten and I was fortunate enough to handle it at BrickCon 2010. Christened the HMS Brunswick, it weighs in at 124 studs in length, 2.5 feet high and sports a full rig. Most impressive!

Lego Pirate Ship SHIP

In the Adult Lego Fan Community there is a rather famous acronym. It is mostly used in for Space creations, but sneaks into other themes from time to time. That acronym is SHIP and it stands for Seriously Huge Investment in Parts. It generally denotes a ship that is at least 100 studs in length. Someone once said that you aren’t a man until you’ve built a SHIP. I say you can’t call yourself a true shipwright until that SHIP is a fully rigged pirate ship.

LEGO want to hear some new theme ideas

ThemesOur LEGO Community Rep. Steve Witt has asked the LEGO Ambassadors to collect suggestions for new LEGO themes. This is your chance to write down some theme ideas and have someone from LEGO read them. So get to it!

To get involved simply 1) think of some theme ideas (no more than three per person), 2) check that your themes don’t already appear and 3) write down any new themes you might have and support any that already appear. I’ll compile some results by the 24th October to submit to Steve.

Additional information 14 Oct 2010: Due to the overwhelming response and difficulty collating the information I’d like people to a) avoid repeating ideas, b) keep their theme ideas as short as possible. As of now I will simply ignore all suggestions by anyone who fails to follow these two simple rules.

EDIT: Comments are now locked.

You Control the Action Bonsai Kit

Keith Goldman‘s You Control the Action Bonsai Kit is a package of Brick Zen fun. It is designed for you to “control the action” and change the appearance of the setup to suit your mood or whim (it even comes with minifigs!). Best of all, you can buy this creation starting November as part of Creations for Charity 2010!

On that note, Creations for Charity 2010 has already received three four MOCs within three days of the announcement. The others include Jordan Schwartz’s Harry Potter mosaic, Mark W’s Night at the Museum vignette, and Pascal Schmidt’s Gun Box.