On the Canal

This beautiful Dutch house is the work of Niek Geurts and it is lovely. I have friends in the Netherlands. Until they tell me differently, I’m imagining that they live here.

Lego Netherlands Canal House Dutch

2 comments on “On the Canal

  1. faqzinker1

    wow, really sick:)

    pros:- the water teqnique cons:-none!!!!!!!

    -the crane thing on the side

    -variety of figs

  2. Victor Zuylen

    It’s true, we really live like this. :)

    Well, those of us living near water anyway. I’m impressed with how well Niek captured the atmosphere of a dutch canal street! If I look out my window right now, I can see almost all of the details present in this scene – right down to the bikes tied to the lampposts.

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