Now that is a SHIP...

This gorgeous sea-going beauty belongs to Gerard Joosten and I was fortunate enough to handle it at BrickCon 2010. Christened the HMS Brunswick, it weighs in at 124 studs in length, 2.5 feet high and sports a full rig. Most impressive!

Lego Pirate Ship SHIP

In the Adult Lego Fan Community there is a rather famous acronym. It is mostly used in for Space creations, but sneaks into other themes from time to time. That acronym is SHIP and it stands for Seriously Huge Investment in Parts. It generally denotes a ship that is at least 100 studs in length. Someone once said that you aren’t a man until you’ve built a SHIP. I say you can’t call yourself a true shipwright until that SHIP is a fully rigged pirate ship.