Monthly Archives: March 2007


I love music. I love LEGO. For at least the last couple of years, the “Interactive Playpen” at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas has featured LEGO.

Here’s a cool shot from last year by Flickr user alykat:

And the Flickr new user icon, built and photographed by naelyn:

The festival this year started yesterday and runs through Sunday. So far, the interactive playpen has yielded the Digg logo, as photographed by narisa:

If you’re in Austin this week, be sure to check out some great music, and stop by the Interactive Playpen and build something cool!

Izzo’s Flight & Encounter!

Here is the fifth and sixth installments of Izzo’s sweet Drakkhen series.

Flight has a little bit of a different twist to it. It shows one large minifig scale dragon flying over a microscale landscape, as well as two microscale dragons. The perspective shots are incredible!

Encounter takes place in the open sea. I really like the splash and crash of the waves. The sea serpent also has a cool windblown look.

Check out the whole series here.