Monthly Archives: March 2007

LEGO MMOG (!!!!!!)

Everyone’s favorite plastic LEGO brick has already been incarnated in digital form through thrid-party software (Ldraw), computer games (LEGO Island, etc) and other software (LEGO Factory), but coming to 2008, The LEGO Company, in parnership with NetDevil, is launching a Massively Multiplater Online Game. Excited? Check out the website and press release!

(Thanks to member Dan and Classic-Castle member Jake_Snicket for the headsup)

EDIT (AB): Added three more exclamation points to the post title. Just because this is the most awesomest ever.

Izzo’s Engagement & Escape

Izzo has done it again, but this time its a confrontation of epic proportions. He has recently posted a diorama called Engagement and it definitely engaging! He refers to this as scene 01, hopefully that means that more is on the way…

As soon as I got the above diorama posted, Izzo posted another one! Scene 02 is called Escape.

Contemporary Art, LEGO’d

Classic-Castle member brody has discovered an art exhibit in the U.K. by John Cake and Darren Neave (aka “The Little Artists”) that recreates various pieces of contemporary art in LEGO bricks.

Read more about the exhibit, titled “Art Craziest Nation,” on the Walker Art Gallery Web site. Here are a couple of previews.

Damien Hirst’s “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” (1991):

Andy Warhol’s “Money”: