No, not the verb, the ancient Asian game. Go is too complicated to explain in a blog post about a vignette, so you can read about it on Wikipedia.

Brickshelfer T-Brick distills the game down to an 8×8 base:

(Via VignetteBricks.)

2 comments on “Go!

  1. khovalyg

    As a Go player, I appreciate this vig. Go beginners should know that courtesy is requisite for the game. One rule is: Do not blow smoke into your opponent’s face. Ahem.

  2. alex4point0

    That’s a 4×4 from my perspective – would make for a quick game!

    An important skill in Go is counting.

    For bonus points you could turn the minifigs’ legs backwards to indicate they were kneeling and not sitting ;)

    Also rotate the hand and insert the stone sideways to indicate correct stone handling! Use heat gun for great justice.

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