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Everybody loves LEGO minifigures — well, almost everybody. Minifigs are often the stars of the LEGO models we feature here on The Brothers Brick, but we also feature some amazing custom minifigs you’d never expect to see in an official LEGO set.

Les hommes du village et la femme en rouge

Mesdames et Messieurs, la brique du frère est fier de présenter deux excellents vignettes par Sofiane SAMLAL samsofy L’un est fabuleusement heureux, et on est peut-être le contraire.

village people

La première scène est le célèbre groupe de disco américaine des années 1970 qui a comporté des stéréotypes culturels américains, ainsi que des mélodies accrocheuses et des paroles suggestives. Dans la recherche de cet article, je suis surpised de constater que le groupe était-il la création d’un compositeur français.

la femme en rouge

La deuxième scène est beaucoup plus grave, depicitng Ceyda Sungur, comme elle est comblé avec du gaz lacrymogène dans le parc Gezi comme elle est venue de son bureau de l’université à proximité de défendre parc de pelles.

To all our French and French-speaking Canadian readers, please excuse my rusty attempts at your language. High School was a long time ago…

Skis, Guns and a big LEGO Fan

The pedant in me is very happy that Karwik has, after many years, given me the designation of a rad ski-mobile (technically an aerosan) I built way back when. He’s also given all of us an absolutely excellent LEGO rendition of the NKL-26 which totally puts my older one to shame. And since you need to be freezing in your boots to use this thing, I promise not to complain about the 10C minimum on this Winter’s day…

Tiny tank chaser

Before I hand things over to Keith for the weekend, I think I owe our readers a somewhat more adorable chaser to follow all the super-serious discussions about LEGO and the military this week. This “MK45-Toad” is brought to you by Pate-keetongu.


The use of binoculars for the tank treads is brilliant, and even the minifig includes some interesting part combinations, like the modern/space visor on the LEGO Castle helmet.

The Contaminated

I know what some of you are thinking: “you’ve lost your mind Goldman, this isn’t even a build!”. What can I tell you, I’m a sucker for the hazmat-guy minifig and all things G.I.T.D. Somebody told me this site started as a bunch of figbarf anyway, so hopefully you will forgive this break in your regularly scheduled programming. So what say you, constant reader, is this kind of image appropriate fair for the big blog, or strictly small-time action?

The Contaminated

The image comes courtesy of delgax and if this kind of shot is your bag too, he’s got a photostream packed with very classy minifig-based photography.

Hey, at least it isn’t a storm trooper walking across a chili-dog.

Mr. Gold charity auction

If you want a Mr. Gold minifig but don’t want to give your money to someone trying to profit off their luck, you can bid on one offered by the BrickBrats family on eBay with 100% of proceeds going to the American Lung Association in California, which has provided services and support over the years to their son with asthma at no charge. This is a great story of one of the good things brought out by the highly coveted Mr. Gold.

Via Brickset

Project Swapfig

Yes, some Kickstarter projects are lame or overly ambitious, but here’s one that actually makes sense to me: Project Swapfig.


The man behind the project is British AFOL Drew Maughan (.SilentMode). His intention is to address the following question:

How many times have you wanted a specific minifigure, but didn’t want to buy a whole set – or spend hours feeling through packets and risk getting the wrong one? Wouldn’t it be easier to trade with someone who had the figure you want?

The (modest) funding he is asking for will go towards promoting a web site that Drew is setting up, where collectors of LEGO minifigures can trade their unwanted figures for ones they want, instead of having to use different forums all over the web or having to pay big bucks to unscrupulous sellers. Drew has already put a lot of thought and work into this project and it looks good so far. I also know him to be a stand-up guy. I heartily recommend that minifig-lovers among you (you know who you are) check out the project and support it. The funding deadline is the 16th of April.

Custom Roundup: BrickArms, BrickForge, BrickWarriors & BrickFortress

Spring is upon us and the makers of custom accessories are coming out with more new items to tempt us!

First up, BrickArms just released 10 new guns that run the gamut from World War II to Sci-Fi. Fans will be excited to see the E-11 and DL-44 come to production. Personally, I’m pretty excited about the Mosin Nagant.

Another shot of the BrickArms Spring 2013 Release

BrickForge has a number of new items. These include gas masks, ballistic masks, face shields, tactical masks, night vision goggles and chin straps.

Night Vision Goggles - Dark BleyTactical Goggles - Dark Blueish Gray

Gas Mask - Trans ClearBallistic Mask - Dark Bley

Brickwarriors made Dark Blue and Lime items available.

March 2013 - Dark Blue

Finally, BrickFortress doesn’t have any new items but all of their poseable, stubby legs are on sale for $1.15. They have been on sale for some time now, so this may be the new, standard price. They recently ran a poll, asking which colors people would like, so we may see something new in the future. See our review for an opinion on these items.


Lego Iron Man custom minifig suits and Hulkbuster armor

Minh Pham (Tuminio) created a series of highly-detailed custom minifigs Iron Man suits including the Hulkbuster armor. You can see more photos of these minifigs on Minh’s Flickr photostream along with dozens of other custom minifigs from all sorts of influences.

Here's my boy

Lego HULK BUSTER - Body Function

By the Power of Grayskull!

Apparently, these custom minifigs were made (rendered?) by someone named Gregos Thomas. Trying to trace back through various blog posts hasn’t helped me find the artist, though. I’d love to find this guy, so I can tell him that these are awesome.

Via Toys Are Evil.

UPDATE: UnderScoopFire has a couple more images provided by Gregos (both presumably renders):

LEGO Masters of the Universe minifigures

LEGO Masters of the Universe minifigures