LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 revealed [News]

The 18th series of LEGO Collectible Minifigures has been revealed, and we are in for a party. From cake to balloons and costumes galore, the 17 minifigures in the series are celebrating LEGO’s 60th anniversary this year. The series should be available for purchase in April, and will likely be another highly sought-after collection.

Orange Balloon Fan Boy

Birthday Cake Guy

Purple Balloon Balloon Fan Girl

Balloon Artist

Red Brick Guy

Blue Brick Girl

Fireworks Guy

Race Car Guy

Spider Suit Guy

Dragon Suit Guy

Classic Police Officer

Flower Pot Girl

Elephant Suit Girl

Cowboy Guy

Cat Suit Minifigure

Cactus Suit Girl

Unicorn Knight

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34 comments on “LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 revealed [News]

  1. David

    Really not sure what to think.

    Yes, they’re all cute/funny/interesting, but I’m not sure I’m actually interested in most of them.

  2. Taylor Connell

    I think those ‘brick torsos’ are new parts . . man, if only they’d existed last year. The Nexo Knighr Bricksters would have had a field day with those parts.
    As for the rest; not a lot of utility outside the theme, but quite a lot of collectibility. The Cowboy Guy is interesting, that horse part looks like it’s attached at both the neck and hips, Dragon Suit guy is definitely one I want (gonna look great with the TLBM Orca Head), and I’m sure people will find the Balloon Fans and Balloon Artist minifigures useful.

  3. summicron

    Never been so sure to pass on a CMF set before until now. I put the brown mouse on my BL wanted list. The non-essential one. And that’s about it.

    I wait for August …

  4. Johnny Johnson

    I’m in tears scrolling through these pictures. Twelve costumes?? Balloons? BALLOON ANIMALS?? A classic cop, which was literally the FIRST minifig I ever got as a kid????? I love it!

  5. Paul of Brick

    So are those two brick figures..a standard brick with torso modifications? I have to say I think that’s poor value. No printing and a common brick you can buy for 15-20 cents, maybe, at pick a brick? I’m not keen and they can;t be re-purposed other than..common 3×2 vanilla bricks./

    My main issue with any CMF line is the usability of duplicates. I order online or grab from a new box as I don’t want the small section left unpicked (where you WILL get dupes). For anyone not feeling them, dupes will happen.
    It’s a fuss to sell or trade so I want to use any dupes. Or sometimes enjoy tow or so.
    Therese …really are ‘one of each’ for some, not all. I can skip a lot. Shame as I thought this series would be slam dunk with weirdness but..I’s a bit..straightforward.

  6. Elspeth De Montes

    @Johnny Thunder TBB only posts high-quality, reliable information. These are high quality images that are not watermarked confidential and they come from a reliable source. They were not taken with a mobile phone as they came out of the factory door, nor are they confidential images that are watermarked. Glad you like the series!

  7. The Anonymous Hutt

    Only one classic Lego figure? What about all the other city citizens? Pirates? Spacemen? ANYTHING? Apart from that complaint, this series looks fun!

  8. Jay R Moyer

    Hmmm… lots of fun/ funny MF’s. Perhaps to celebrate Lego at 60?! Love the Balloon Animal guy – and that hat? Hello Mad Hatter idea! love the elephant and Original Cop!

  9. Johnny Johnson

    Pretty surprised anyone is poo-pooing the 2×3 brick minifig costumes! They’re amazing, both as a costume and as a new LEGO piece. And they’re obviously going to be quite a bit different than a standard 2×3 brick: They have armholes (In fact… they’ve gotta be the entire torso for those minifigs, just plug in the legs and head), you can slide a 1×2 brick in sideways where the legs go, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the backs (The “bottom” of the 2×3 brick) were smooth (I’m not sure if there’s room for anything that clutches studs back there. I think it could clutch a 2×2 brick, at most). Seems pretty unique and versatile to me.

  10. Reaven Veaceslav

    It’s basically all just suits. I love the classic police guy, but honestly I would have preferred that the entire line to be modernized classic figures.

    I don’t really need more people in suits that I have no use for in basically any build, unless I feel like doing costume parties or furry conventions. The unicorn shield is neat, and the cactus might be useful if you had some green head pieces, or wanted to do some Final Fantasy stuff.

  11. Nat

    These are awesome! This is the first collectible minifig series where I’m going to just pony up to buy a complete set from Lego, assuming they still sell such a thing.

  12. random user

    interested in all of three minifigure’s here these are dragon suit guy,unicorn knight,classic police officer and the red brick figure should have some interesting part usage,this being said all round last two non movie series were great though(series 16 and 17)so this series for me is a bit disappointing.

  13. Zilberfrid

    So the minifigs are now worthless for castle as well. For a theme that has its 40th this year as well, there isn’t a single set since 2013 that has its theme (excluding the two minifigs in 2014). On to the alt bricks it is.

  14. Veerle

    I always love the costume minifigs and now there are so many! Will be too expensive to buy all the ones I like. It’s a fun collection this time, happy Birthday LEGO!

  15. Graeme Straughn

    No one’s mentioned that Orange Balloon Fan’s hair looks just like Trump’s? Oh man, people are gonna have lots of fun with that. Nice to get those orange/white dual molded arms in a cheap(ish) minifig again! Lots of interesting/useful stuff in this series – excited for April!

  16. Zipblock

    I don’t think these are legit. Smells like a shooped render by a crafty fan. Would be happy to be proved wrong. Already seen variations of these and mouse had an odd wedge of cheese somehow attached by a point to it’s head.

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