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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

The world could use more LEGO Overwatch heroes

A couple contributors here at The Brothers Brick couldn’t resist the trend of building Overwatch heroes started with D.Va, Tracer, and Zenyatta. First we have TBB’s own Simon Liu flexing his mecha building talents with the nature-loving death machine Bastion.

Bastion [Overwatch]

Click through to see more Overwatch builds by TBB contributors

UNSC Mantis proves that LEGO always does it better

While the Halo license for building bricks is, unfortunately, in the hands of Mega Bloks at the moment, that doesn’t mean that Halo and LEGO fans haven’t been building iconic creations from the series in the superior brand. Proving that point today is Velocites with the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System… or UNSC Mantis to save time. While it uses only official pieces (save for the bullet chain), this isn’t a purist build as the military olive colour here is done with paint.

UNSC Mantis (from "Halo 4")In the interest of comparison, here is the Mega Bloks Mantis. For a $33 set, we must admit that Mega Bloks actually did a good job, but this LEGO version blows it out of the water.

Do seraphim come from heaven or from space?

Space mechs are always a sight to behold. I mean, what is the purpose of legs in space? You know what their purpose is? To look cool—and the MA-01C Powered Seraphim I by Caleb proves it.

CSA - MA-01C-PD Seraphim I Particle Distribution Type

This build certainly catches your eye with its incredible silhouette and the bold use of orange as highlights for the armor. The spacemen backing it up just serve to show a proper scale, especially considering it fits a minifig inside. It also comes in a flight-ready version sans armor plating.

CSA - MA-01C Powered Seraphim I

Now it looks like it can cause some deep space damage.

One rustic mech

You know what we don’t have enough of? Jungle camo mechs. Fixing that problem today is Ryan with the ‘HOUND mkII”. Not only is this a great mech build, its also based on some quality artwork by StTheo


I’m getting a lot of Armored Cored vibes here, but it manages to strike out its own aesthetic. I really like the missile pods on the left shoulder and the chaff launchers around the torso—a technique I just might steal.

Gold, green and powered by steam

This elegant train, brought to us by Moko, is comprised of beautiful lines, delightful colors, and screams Steampunk. Or rather, given the refined nature of the train, perhaps it quietly states its Steampunk origins while giving a bit of side-eye out of a monocle. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

I particularly like the use of the One Ring to give nice color to the passenger car, between the windows, as well as on the engine. The gold, green, brown, and brass are a stunning color combination which make this train particularly eye catching.

Steampunk Train

I also invite you to read our original write-up of Moko’s matching Steampunk car and mech. It’s wonderful to finally have a family portrait!

Steampunk Train

Nerf this! D.Va’s mech from Overwatch

Blizzard’s new game Overwatch is awesome. I just can’t stop playing it, so when I saw that Taylor built D.VA’s Mech I was so happy I actually stopped playing to check out all the details this great build has.

D.va Mech

First of all, it looks just like the real thing. The pilot (Hana Song) sits the same way, the scale is right, the arm canons are proper and the color is correct. I think this could be an official tie-in LEGO set, and no one would complain.

Forget the King, Clay needs a mech too!

I’m loving Nexo Knights, and it seems chubbybots is too — they didn’t just use the theme, they also created a great model.

claysmech05I really like this. Not only is it a competent mech model, but it would fit right into the Nexo Knights set range as a robot for the character Clay. While the amount of gray jars at first, it works well when you think of it as a suit of armour.

Donald Duck, Mech Pilot

Following up from the fantastic LEGO Duckburg scene we featured previously, here’s a chance to see everyone’s favorite Disney duck in his other lesser known guise: Donald Duck, Mech Pilot. Japanese builder Moko has built a cracking duck robot with brilliantly goofy-looking (if you’ll excuse the pun) feet and beak. But the killer detail has to be that horn…

Donald Robo

And if you liked Mecha-Donald, then you’re going to LOVE this epic face-off…

Donald Robo

Antigravity sentry drone invades the world of Ma.K hard suits

Rarely do we see new mechs and drones in the style of the Ma.K universe. This genre is quite specific and demands some extraordinary thinking and use of common pieces for impressive greebling. Marco Marozzi continues to amaze us with his alien-looking droids, and the way he treats the most useless parts leaves me speechless.

ASD Antigravity Sentry Drone

The structure of the drone is not overcomplicated, still there are so many parts that catch your eye. The secret of the Marco’s creations lies in his ability to combine pieces whose shapes complement one another best. For instance, in this drone he uses a bunch of round bricks of various sizes and colors. They all go pretty neatly together with a couple of sharp lines and corners, not to mention a dazzling choice of stickers.

Two itty bitty mechs

While LEGO creations seem to get the most recognition when they’re insanely huge, I prefer smaller creations, especially mechs. Don’t get me wrong, Gundam-esque / skyscraper robot suits will always be cool, but I like my mechs just big enough to fit minifigs, so they could feasibly slip into a City scale town. In that vein, Hoon Kim brings us these twin mechs. To fully appreciate these builds, be sure to check out one of the cockpit shots to see how snug those pilots are.

Lego Mechanic

Let this droid diagnose you

Marco Marozzi has always been a really creative builder, with very original shapes and great part usage in mind. So when I saw that he was participating in a build challenge that I have been promoting, the Mecha Racing League, I was more than excited. But his particular build — a take on a pit droid — just made my jaw drop.

MRL Standard MCM Pit Droid

The build has amazing greebling and great orange plating that really stands out and draws in your eye, as well as cool additional details like the diagnostic tablet. I also like that the mech rolls on small spheres, which is an amazing concept for great mobility. I mean, I can really picture a bunch of these guys ready to repair any racing mechas on a pit stop.

Modular is the new black

To say that Lu Sim is a master mecha builder is an understatement – his builds are the stuff of legends. But recently he has being trying to achieve an industrial look, and what better way to achieve this than by creating mechas that are modular, that with just a change of components can become different builds. And his reFX01 Type D is evidence of that:

reFX01 Type D

This particular version of the reFX01 swaps the shoulders for something more protective and allows for the wielding of dual guns. There is a change of a colors as well, since it shows a very distinctive palette, that is segmented beautifully. It is truly amazing that with very few changes, he can achieve a different look from the previous mecha. As a reference, here are the original types A and B of the same reFX01, which we blogged previously.

reFX01 Type A/B

Be sure to check out the builder’s blog for more details about this build.