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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

A Black Knight emerges

The inspiration for this exquisite mech is a cross between The Black Knight from the LEGO NEXO Knights theme and Kevin Low’s love for Gundam mecha. It’s fashioned to Kevin’s own interpretation, and inspired by the Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans animated series. Not counting parts, which he estimates to be about 600 in all, it stands about 32 studs tall — a sturdy and highly posable build.

black knight final01

I particularly like how the trans-orange pieces are used and just ever-so-slightly exposed to give a feel of a slow burn and energy from within the mech suit.

For the inspired up-and-coming mecha builders out there, here’s a rare chance to peek at a clever construction. Hop over to a brief video showing the build for key parts of how the LEGO creation was assembled.

Rudolph the rad-fuelled reindeer

I have no idea if Mitsuru Nikaido‘s mechanoid LEGO reindeer is really atomic-powered, but it would seem appropriate. How else would a robotic ungulate have the sort of power and endurance to traverse the world with heavy sacks of gifts in tow?

LEGO Mech Reindeer-01

The posing of the reindeer robot (reinbot?) is excellent, as is the level of greebly detail suggesting working gubbins and machinery. Don’t miss the use of minifig gun parts to create the antlers. It’s easy to overlook the sleigh alongside the mechanical beast — but that would be a shame, as it’s a great little build, managing to look futuristic, functional, and festive all at the same time.

LEGO Mech Reindeer-05

Get away from her, you bricks!

The power loader from Aliens is difficult to pull off at minifig scale because of the inherent lack of movement in a minifig. But Daniel Schlumpp has done a darned good job with this LEGO version, as well as an appropriate Xenomorph alien to go with it.


And while we’re in the Aliens universe, be sure to check out the 1:1 scale motion tracker we featured recently.

Laser Pig is a bacon lover’s worst nightmare

Naturally most LEGO exosuits we see have a more or less humanoid appearance, but occasionally builders will craft them from a more beastly perspective. Will Galb does just that with his Laser Pig, which is sure to leave bacon lovers with a terrifying vision of the future.

Laser Pig

Will has turned the usually adorable pig into a laser-equipped death machine. With enough weaponry to level a city block, you could be forgiven for running in fear from this powered-up porcine. After all, he looks like a twisted, futuristic take on Napoleon from Animal Farm. But, as the builder describes it, Laser Pig was in fact designed as humanity’s last hope in a dystopian world ruled by alien overlords. In a time when humans fail, our farm animals may just become our saviors – especially if we outfit them with lasers and exo-armor. Something to think about next time you’re eating a ham sandwich.

Racing robot will dash to the finish

As one of the founders of the Mecha Racing League, I have to say, I’m really impressed with all the creations other builders have brought to the table. So when I heard that Lu Sim was building the ARMT-M01X-SR DASH BARON for it, I was thrilled. And he didn’t disappoint, in fact he just upped the game!

ARMT-M01X-SR Dash Baron

First, he used his newly modified frame that fits a pilot, which is something I’ve been begging him to work on for a long time now. With an amazing orange color and great shapes, this build looks like a Lamborghini on steroids, ready to race and rumble it’s way to victory. I’ve always loved how Lu uses flippers as vents, and here they’re just one of many details he’s added to make this build look as awesome as possible. Oh and by the way, here is a video of it spinning:

ARMT-M01X-SR Dash Baron

You can read more about this creation on the builder’s blog.

Target acquired, awaiting instructions

Sci-fi master builder Tim Goddard‘s latest LEGO creation is a mean-looking mech with a cyclopean face. I can just imagine the noise that black iris makes — contracting into merciless focus when this bad boy spots his prey. The tan color scheme feels unusual for a mech — in my head this stuff is nearly always gray (apologies to colorful mech-builders out there). The black greebling is excellent, and the blue stripes and white highlights add a touch of glamour.


As well as the big four-legged critter, Tim has put together a range of mechanical drones in this livery. I’m a fan of this bipedal variant. Check out those toes! It took me a while to figure out the use of hot dog sausages to get the toe angles just right.


LEGO clockwork robot winds itself up

Dvd has created a clockwork robot that will wind itself up. It’s a great build, as well as some allegory for many human conditions. Inside of the retrofuturistic exterior is a simple mechanism in which the left arm turns, setting off a system which turns various objects on the head of the build.

Immortal Clockwork Robot

Luckily there’s a video to go a long with it which you can view below. The clever bit is that DVD keeps up the illusion of a self-winding robot by making the whole robot self-contained, with no exposed wires or controls. The back of the ‘bot gives nothing away either, and incredibly, DVD even lets us look into the robot’s heart.

Is it a spaceship? Is it a mech?

An odd little build has been brought to us from SweStar: a spaceship that’s also a mech. This isn’t a transforming build like Macross or a Transformer, it’s both at the same time. A Classic Space style mech with a circular cockpit and a long protrusion at the end which is a weapons platform, but that also looks like a tail from a helicopter.


Shhh, this weapon is secret

This model originally started off as a new Secret Weapon of the Luftwaffe — the latest in a series of LEGO models I’ve been building for years. However, it was one of those creations which took quite a different turn as the build progressed, and ended up quite definitely a ground vehicle — bizarre seeing as it started out as a chunky dieselpunk helicopter! Sometimes things not proceeding as planned can be frustrating, but in this case I was quite happy with the result. Besides, I figured the Wehrmacht probably deserved to have some secret weapons of its own…
Secret Weapons of the Wehrmacht
I couldn’t resist having a play around after the model photography was complete. Turns out the blueprints for this mechanical marvel fell into Allied hands at the end of the war…

Secret Weapons of the Wehrmacht

The Big O gets an appropriately massive LEGO rendition

While I may not be familiar with the anime series “The Big O” in particular, I am familiar with the “super robot” genre of giant metallic robots getting up to stuff. Usually punching though.

Two Rabbits has brought the eponymous robot, Big O, to life with a rather large build. Compared to minifigs, it’s not scaled up to be able to knock over a City skyscraper by accident, but it’s still big.


Heartlake High gets ready to rumble with mecha minidolls

Rather like Marmite, Minidolls have had a habit of dividing opinion into ‘Love them’ or ‘Hate them’  since their introduction in 2012.  I have to admit that I am normally firmly in the ‘Hate them’ camp as I much prefer the good old minifigure with its odd proportions and classic LEGO head.  Well opinions can change, as along came Eric Teo with his troop of minidoll mecha.

Purple Kiss #projectlotus47 #chapteronedaybreak

He describes these as female rangers in hardsuits and they certainly seem to have attitude with their chunky, brightly coloured suits and sporting some Exo-Force-esque hairstyles. Each character wears a similar suit but with decorative differences and armed with their weapon of choice.  There is not a hair bow nor butterfly accessory in sight!

It’s worth taking a closer look at these femme fatale rangers.

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