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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Mechanical automaton is ready to roll

Vince Toulouse brings us this excellent automaton — ready to roll out on its single wheel and come to the rescue of any malfunctioning contraption.

The Mechanic

The retro-futurism of the design here is just awesome — slick and smooth, yet unmistakably “old-timey” in its sci-fi. The color scheme is spot-on and the greebles strike that balance of believability and character essential in good steam- or dieselpunk building. The red-tinted goggles are a masterstroke, lending a wonderful dash of personality. Lastly, this is one of those models which looks as good from the rear as it does from the front. Great stuff.

The Mechanic

Red and black is the new black

Marco De Bon says this latest LEGO creation was inspired by the videogame series Super Robot Wars. Regardless of where the inspiration arose I hope there’s more of this sort of thing to come. The robot’s color scheme is bold — red, black, yellow, and gold, and that splash of blue at the hips. It shouldn’t work, it should be too much, yet it leaps off the screen at you.

Lego Rhadamantis 02

Beyond the stark color choices, there’s great brickwork here in the armor and the robot’s “face”, and the big drill manages to be both intimidating and funny at the same time. But the best detail of all? Those exposed pistons at the heels. Brilliant.

We are LEGO, we are Overwatch

Overwatch has spurred builders into a frenzy of creativity, and Tim Schwalfenberg has spent the last couple of weeks building a series of characters from the game to display at his local comic convention. Tim’s character builds include Mercy, Pharah, Reaper, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Tracer and Winston. I’ll start with my favourites: Mercy, a healer and staunch advocate for peace; and Reaper, an extremely volatile mercenary who is a ruthless and remorseless killer. Reaper’s face shaping is spot on and captures this intimidating, cold blooded faceless character to perfection.



Click here to see more heroes

Transcend normal LEGO building techniques with Zenyatta from Overwatch

If you somehow haven’t heard of Overwatch, it’s a multiplayer first-person shooter video game released in May of this year by Blizzard Entertainment. More importantly for LEGO fans, a host of brilliant depictions of the characters from the game has swiftly followed its release. Simon Lui takes the building-baton and has recreated 20-year-old monk and wanderer Zenyatta, in his typical meditative pose.

Zenyatta - Overwatch

I particularly love his torso area made from taps, and the waistband of his orange pants made from mechanical arms. Those shoulders look fab but perhaps not the most robust, so it’s just as well that Zenyatta can attain a transcendent state of immunity to damage!

Cast in the name of God, ye not guilty

We’ve featured a lot of Gundam mecha over the years, but this is the first time we’ve seen a mech from the anime Big O. A humongous, lumbering titan, Big O wields vengeance upon his enemies, and it’s no surprise that builder Moko, whose builds frequently grace this site, has excellently captured the mech’s hulking frame in brick form with this amazing minifig-scale version. Big O even features his O Thunder guns hidden in his arms.

Metal Scout blings into action

Markus Rollbühler has definitely focused on bringing more bling to the mecha arena with his latest build. Using a a limited colour palette of metallics and building his first mech as part of a contest has certainly brought out the best in this creation. The head made from droid torsos and mechanical minifigure arms,  and the angled, piston-like legs are two particularly awesome parts of this mech. I also love the “billy club” hands and those powerful abs.

The presentation is eerily good, with the threatening shadow in the background. I can only assume that this mech is not involved in reconnaissance missions as one flash of light and  he will become a shiny beacon!

A demolition mech that will knock you down

The Construct-o-Mech is one of the most iconic parts of The LEGO Movie and LEGO 7 just took that idea to the next level. The color scheme is perfect and the stickers add lots of detail. The articulation is great, using small ball joints for most of the build. And with the slick frame and wheels it also looks quite mobile too.

Backhoes mecha-3

Beautifully bulky battlebot

LEGO’s natural predisposition towards bricks and its otherwise blocky nature means that most builders have to work to subvert the norm to create more natural shapes. But sometimes the best path is to embrace its bulky nature and create blocky builds where appropriate. This tan mech by legoricola is a shining example and pulls off so much.

I actually didn’t believe this was a true LEGO mech that could fit a minifigure but I was proven wrong. The fact that this build is such a small scale but looks so large and armoured is a true feat indeed.

LEGO mecha mantis looks meaner than the real thing

A praying mantis may not be the first choice when it comes to creating robots and mechs out of LEGO, but when the result is this good, it really should be. Created by Mitsuru Nikaido, this build is elegant in its ability to look both mechanical and natural at the same time. A sign of a very talented builder with a great idea.

LEGO Mech Mantis-02

LEGO Mech Mantis-10

We recently blogged some great builds from Mitsuru, which you should check out if you haven’t already:

The height of Devonian-futurism
Don’t let this mecha dragonfly bug you

Duplo-clad robot suit is a chunky mechanical cutie

Kelvin Low says he raided his son’s Duplo collection to find parts for his latest mech. I suggest he continues this sourcing strategy if it’s going to deliver results like this. Duplo truck door panels and a pair of rowboats provide this powered suit with distinctive armor-plating — creating both a sense of heft and a peculiar cuteness. It’s not often we see the different lines of the LEGO family combined with such effectiveness. Beyond the imaginative parts usage, there are also nicely-built functional-looking greebly bits in the legs, and I’m enjoying the glimpses of internal machinery through the curved gaps in the outer shell. Great stuff.

Duplon Marauder 03