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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Let the fire inspire you

I’ve been promoting the Mecha racing leage (MRL) for a while now and I’ve seen amazing creations from great builders across the LEGO-verse, so I could not stay quiet, and built what I think is one of the best mechas I’ve made so far, the Fira:

MRL - Fira

I wanted to create a mecha inspired by hot rods (my favorite type of cars) and rally cars (I love how they look). This mecha is all about pure power and speed, with fire coming out of its exhaust and a color combination that draws the eye. I used a few stickers from this official set to add details, and I think it adds to the build. It also fits a pilot and I particularly like the way it opens to access the cockpit:
MRL - Fira

Remember, if you want to be part of the fun, you can see how to participate on the MRL here.

Microscale mech owns the lunar surface

Nick Della Mora has built a chunky microscale walking tank straddling an irregular section of lunar landscape. The tank itself is a good bit of building, with hefty firepower and a suggestion of mechanical details around the leg joints — not easy to accomplish at this scale. But what sets this model apart is the classy presentation. The landscaping and choice of black background really make the image pop.

Micro Fallen Walker

Cyberpunk samurai suit looks sharp

SenSeiSei brings us a fabulous little Samurai-flavored exosuit. There’s an impressive sense of heft here, despite the model’s small scale, and some interesting parts usage — particularly good work on the “big fig fists” as shoulder armor.

- b u k e -

The level of greebling creates a depth of detail and texture, and I really like the unusual “tip toe” design of the legs and feet. Now I want to see seven of these magnificent mecha, defending a village from marauding rogue AIs.

Laserbeak, Ravage, Frenzy...Eject!

Building a good-looking model mecha is no mean feat, but building one that can transform is a whole other ballgame; one in which Joe Perez (MortalSwordsman) just scored big with his excellent transforming rendition of Soundwave.

Soundwave by MortalSordsman on flickr

Megatron’s faithful Communications Officer doesn’t just transform from boombox to robot mode, but also comes with three of his own sidekicks: the transforming cassettes Laserbeak, Ravage and Frenzy.

Mini Cassettes by MortalSwordsman on flickr

Can you think of a cooler piece of Eighties nostalgia?

Does the steam make it shinier?

Moko is an amazing builder – that is a fact. His mechas and character creations are among the best out there, so it was a huge and pleasant surprise when I saw this amazing steampunk car created by him:

Steampunk car

I’ve rarely seen him build vehicles, so seeing this build filled me with joy. Just check out the chromed details, the gear placement, and wood elements mixing perfectly with the build. The characters are also a great addition. They just look like they could be part of a great story.

If by any chance the colors look familiar, well, that is because this car is part of a set:

Steampunk car

We blogged the steampunk mecha not so long ago, but they look so good together, I just drooled when I saw them next to each other. They’re a match made in heaven – a heaven sustained in the air by steam-powered propellers.

On the way to Mars

Cole Blaq is perhaps most well known for his LEGO graffiti and visceral LEGO art, but we’ve featured him more often for his outstanding mecha-building skills. This time it’s a four legged tank. Considering the dark orange color scheme, I like to imagine he could utilize this monster in a Mars-like environment. It’s very catchy choice of color. Cole’s amazing photography skills may make you think this is a computer generated image, but if you zoom in at full resolution, you can spy him taking the shot!

Think Tank P07

Let fury rule over you

Marco has always been an interesting mecha builder, and his builds are not your typical gundam style. He usually experiments with new shapes, sizes and unique building techniques, and even this build — Fury II Gen — is not his most experimental mech. I think it is the perfect mixture of traditional and inventive.

Fury II Gen. Mech

The shapes are incredible, the building techniques are spot on, the part usage is great, and the weapon is awesome. But I think that what sells me with this build is the pose. You can see it is combat ready and waiting for a target.

A beautiful “serpent mecha guardian thingy”

The great thing about art (of which LEGO is a medium) is the ability to put something together with the greatest of care and effort, sit back, and whisper to yourself… what the hell did I just make?.

Builder Brian Kescenovitz did that here. Despite the creation having the stately name “Guardian II”, it’s description reads: “Some sort of serpent mecha guardian thingy.” And, well, that’s just what it is.

Guardian II

Mecha Racing League presents: Spine

“Welcome to the Mecha Racing League (MRL), the only sport worth following! You can watch mechas race, rumble with each other, or participate in the most awesome Capture The Flag ever. Here is a sample of the most awesome machines ever built just for the entertainment of the human race. I present Spine, a speed-type mech built for tricks:

MRL - Spina!

And in the heart of these beasts, there are runners. With the reflexes of gods and the insanity of demons, they are bound to become the heroes of this generation!”

MRL - Spina!

Now that is a sport I would watch and follow religiously. MRL is an idea I got after I finished reading the Air Gear manga. As an Anime fan, I’ve always found mechs the most awesome use of technology in science-fiction, ever since I watched Mazinger as a kid. But I’ve always seen them used for battle, and don’t get me wrong, that is still my favorite use for mechs, but I want to mix their strength with our fascination of watching things go fast.

This is my second LEGO build on this theme. It was particularly fun to make, with a cockpit that requires the whole mecha to move forward, which I find really cool. By the way, you are all welcome to join the fun; you can find the guidelines required to make a mech for the MRL here.

Yamaha Tachikoma tank is music to my ears

French builder [email protected] doesn’t remain aloof from the current month-long Tachikoma theme and delivers an exceptional mech model to the party.

Yamaha Tachikoma (10)

Futuristic and a little bit weird, this Tachikoma tank’s got a lot of noteworthy building and design solutions. I’m speaking not only about mind-blowing use of motorcycle fairing pieces as leg armor (by the way, these parts appeared only in a couple of Junior sets in 2004-2006), but also about a Yamaha logo on the side of the tank. Not only does it look unusual and realistic, but also immediately gives the model an intriguing background story: Imagine a future where a global manufacturer of musical instruments and marine engines becomes a leading mech brand. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Yes, this mech really is LEGO

We’ve featured nobu_tary‘s creations many times before. You think we’d stop being suprised by great builds. But his latest creation is one of those models you need to stare at for a few seconds before realising it is actually made from LEGO bricks. The robot being at a relatively small scale only serves to make the model more impressive.


One tiny mech, lots of clever building

Saying Moko is a great mecha builder is like saying water is wet. We’ve featured this builder’s work countless times before and while this creation, called “Mechatro WeGo” is certainly on the small side, it’s ingenious once you start peeling the layers away.

Mechatro WeGo

While plain on the outside, the other interior shot on the builder’s blog show off the inner detail.