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Voltron’s Black Lion gets a build all to itself

We’ll be getting an official LEGO Voltron set soon thanks to LEGO Ideas, but the designs of the individual lions may not be quite as detailed as you’d like — presumably to save on part-count and/or to allow them to fuse together. The creator of the original Ideas submission, Leandro Tayag offers this fantastically-detailed Black Lion in mitigation.

Voltron Force - Black Lion

The shaping around the chest and head are my favourite parts of this near-perfect creation. There’s a lot of little details that deserve attention too, though. The claws, for example, are made with only two pieces, but still manage to look just perfect.

Ship In A Bottle: The Flagship Leviathan and Voltron – Defender of the Universe are the two next LEGO Ideas sets [News]

LEGO has announced today that Ship In A Bottle: The Flagship Leviathan by Jacob Sadovich will be the next set in the Ideas line. This project was selected from a group of 12 ideas that had gathered 10,000 supporters by January 9, 2017. The project was originally submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform in November 2016, so it took the ship only 48 days to gather fans’ support. Pricing and availability for this set are yet to be announced. The LEGO Ideas Blog interviewed Jacob back in May 2017, where he talked about the challenges he faced creating the model.

The Flagship Leviathan

And after being held over from a previous review stage, the Voltron – Defenders of the Universe project was also approved to become an Ideas set. You can find the interview with the author of that project, Leandro Tayag, on the LEGO Ideas Blog tool. As usual, pricing and availability will be the subject of a future announcement.


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