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From New Year’s Day through Christmas, each year is full of holidays celebrated by the diverse cultures of the world — Setsubun in Japan, Halloween in America, and so many more. LEGO builders love to create seasonal models to celebrate these red-letter days.

Happy Year of the Monkey 2016!

Today is Chinese New Year, celebrated around the world by people from many different countries. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is now the Year of the Monkey, so LEGO builders have been posting a plethora of simian creations in honor of our cousins.

Many of the LEGO models feature Sun Wukong, the Monkey King hero of the Chinese epic Journey to the West (and its many adaptations for film and TV). Donna Liem puts the iconic hero astride a cloud in the sky.

Gong Xi Fa Chai...

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The annual Doctor Who Christmas Special seems to have become a new part of the holiday tradition for millions of families around the world. Which is a good thing as I think we were all getting tired of endlessly watching Jimmy Stewart discover his contribution to the world in black and white. So this festive foe by Jimmy Fortel makes perfect sense…

Naughty but nice part usage

If your eggnog tastes a little bit like pee this Christmas, then it’s possible you’ve been visited by a bad elf, such as the one portrayed here by TBB regular Letranger Absurde. But as naughty as this little fellow may appear, he’s a festive treat of NPU (Nice Part Usage) for LEGO fans: from the Jabba tail hat, and bucket handle belt buckle, down to the wing-end brick boot tops …and those eyebrows!

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown

Confused about the true meaning of Christmas? Wondering if it’s all become too over-commercialized? Well these aren’t new thoughts, and you’re not alone. Fifty years ago this year, the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special first aired, featuring a seasonally depressed Charlie trying to make sense of it all – and picking a sad little tree that perfectly reflected his state of mind, recreated for us in LEGO here by Chris Maddison.

Charlie Brown eventually learns the true meaning of the holiday. And in his own way, he even helped make Christmas a little better for all of us… Aluminum trees had become popular in the US at that time, but were portrayed so negatively in the TV special that within two years they were no longer being produced.

And a partridge in a pear tree

Celebrating that most famous of Christmas songs, deborah higden created this set of LEGO book ends (complete with brick-built books) that converts into a gorgeous diorama depicting the various gifts that my true love sent to me over the Twelve Days of Christmas – from French hens, to five gold rings (for five Elven lords?), plus other items in various states of disrepair (very relevant in this age of Internet-based shopping!). You can enjoy closeup photos of every one in the full album.

LEGO Nutcrackers for your holiday chestnuts

I’m sure many of you have your chestnuts roasting by the open fire. Those of us NOT in Florida or the northeast might even have jack frost nipping at our noses. The Cascade Mountains have certainly made up for last winter with nearly 12 feet of snow in the last 25 days.

Julius von Brunk gives us these festive, whimsical nutcrackers to join in all of our festivities. Like real nutcrackers, these open and close their jaws by means of a lever. You too can have these as part of your traditions, as he’s been kind enough to provide a tutorial on Instructables.

Let a LEGO robot decorate your holiday cookies this year!

Tired of decorating your Christmas cookies by hand? Jason Alleman of JK Brickworks is back to prove that any problem can be solved with LEGO. Jason has built this super cool LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot to decorate cookies at the push of a button, and he’s even included instructions on how to build one yourself. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Mindstorms Cookie Icing Machine - EV Icer

Deck the halls with builds of holly

While LEGO always offers a great selection of seasonal goodies (such as the Star Wars advent calendar and Winter toy shop) there are some choice holiday items to be had from other sources too, such as Chris McVeigh‘s extensive line of holiday ornament kits. New in Chris’s line-up for this Hanukwanzmas are these super-cute miniaturized versions of his popular arcade machines:

In addition to ornaments that we’ve featured here in previous years, Chris has also introduced some other new items for 2015, including a gingerbread tree (completing his gingerbread trio) and the new and improved Trident XL, shown below. As always, Chris offers online building guides for all of his products, in case you prefer to roll your own.


The greatest build since gingerbread

I swear I can feel a strong smell of ginger while I’m looking at the latest confectionery masterpiece by Koen. The key to success here is that this gingerbread cottage is actually the second version; the first one was baked and served a little more than a year ago. Compare both and you’ll easily notice how much the Friends sets have added to the official LEGO color palette just in this past year. Excuse me for now, I have to go and ask for the recipe.

Gingerbread House

We will remember them

Guns along the Western Front fell silent on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. Using LEGO as a medium to acknowledge Veterans Day, Armistice Day or Remembrance Day wherever you are, is just our community’s way of remembering all of those who sacrificed for their country.

Lest We Forget by Simon Liu
Lest We Forget.

Remembrance 2015 by Luc Byard Remembrance 2015

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by Deborah Higdon IMGP7275f

Poppy by Fujiia
Poppy Flower - Unedited version

Lest We Forget by JK Brickworks Lest We Forget

We Will Remember Them by Nick Sweetman
We Will Remember Them