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Creepy crawly or fuzzy & fluffly (yes, that’s possible in LEGO), we love our LEGO animals. Check them out here, and fall in love yourself.

What happens when Zeus gets into your LEGO

Dragons? Werewolves? Mermaids? Nope, the best mythological creature is obviously the minotaur (in my opinion, anyway). That may be why I had a soft spot for 70793 Skull Basher and why I love this “Cattle Devil” by LEGO 7.

Cattle devil-2

Parts use is great here: constraction armour pieces used to represent exactly that, wing pieces for the skirt, the bucket handle for a bottom pair of teeth and a lot more.

Also check out the weapon:

Cattle devil-1

For whom the bell trolls

Despite how well this creation by Takamichi Irie captures the essence of the ubiquitous and inexplicably enduring troll dolls, you might be inclined to dismiss it as just another nostalgia build. But hold onto your hats because, in a comeback that will probably put the Smurfs to shame, toshe loveably ugly “Gonks” are returning in 2016 with their very own animated movie! So get ready to see a lot, lot more of these frizzy haired critters on shelves later this year.

(Of course, we are secretly hoping this image will become the standard now when referring to “trolls” in the online LEGO community)

Aww, look at this little lovely muzzle!

But watch out for the grasping claws and vulturous eyes. Even though Nikita Lazarev named this creature a Mimicute, believe me it is definitely not as harmless as you may think. It greatly resembles a red panda, and I do find red pandas cute, but his little snout gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Nikita did a great job of not only making the Mimicute small, but actually look small (and cute, of course). The tiny nose, a neat mantelet, short clumsy arms and legs – all these contribute a lot to an image of a seemingly huggable creature from another world.

Bark, bark, bark!

In November, we blogged Dennis Qiu‘s terrifying mecha beasts and his fierce Chinese lion. Now, give it up for the mythical hound of Hades, Cerberus. This pup comes equipped with one very muscular body and three mouthfuls of razor-sharp chompers. Check out how Dennis sculpted vicious snarls on each dog’s face, cleverly exposing blood-red gums. And those flexible barbs make perfect Doberman-like ears. I like to imagine that whenever Cerberus isn’t busy guarding the gates of Hell, he’s either curled up by the fire or begging his master for treats.

MOC - Cerberus

One wondrous wyvern

Ever since LEGO’s General Grievous action figure set introduced a metric tonne of new pieces in tan, I’ve been waiting for a model that made good use of it. Blowing my expectations out of the water (or the sky) is this wyvern named Diablos from Ballom Nom Nom. Those familiar with the game Monster Hunter may recognize this creature. But to those in the dark (like me) it’s still an astounding display of what can be done with LEGO.


Has anyone seen a contact lens?

Looking like a Lovecraftian horror from Dark Souls or Bloodborne, “Lorpho the All-Seeing” from Jason Corlett is something you wouldn’t want to run into in an alley, regardless of the lighting conditions. The printed eye pieces from the LEGO Mixels product line have been a godsend for this type of model making, and it continues to be a theme which is adored for its selection of parts.

Lorpho the All-Seeing

Nick Wilde, that crafty fox from Zootopia

OK, so Disney’s Zootopia isn’t out yet, but the trailer is hilarious and makes this movie a must-see for me. Jordan Schwartz, a fan of all things Disney, gone ahead and made a fantastic sculpt of Nick Wilde, one of the film’s new protagonists, and it looks spot on. The sly look Nick is giving us is too perfect.

Nick Wilde

Carrion spotted, on final landing approach

Australian builder Shannon Sproule has created a LEGO model of one of the seemingly less graceful birds of prey – the vulture.  Shannon says he based this build on the griffon vulture, and with an average wing span of 2.5m (8 ft) in real life, these birds are impressive creatures.

Vulture maquette

The position of the outstretched feet, ducked head and ‘flaps down’ wing position has really captured the body positioning of a typical griffon vulture landing. While the vulture appears to be coming in to land near some carrion, the birds-eye view spares us from the sight of a decaying animal… just use your imagination.

Vulture maquette

You’re one ugly mother

Some things are just so beautiful they’re ugly. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, the latest portrait by Kiwi builder Grantmasters is for sure one ugly beautiful something:

The Predator by Grantmasters

Utilizing a number of typically specialized pieces such as cookie tiles, mushroom tops, and pterodactyl wings, Grantmasters has constructed a stunning portrait of one of cinema’s most infamous monsters, the creature known only as the Predator. Not only that, but this build is also the perfect companion piece to another portrait Grantmasters built back in April, that of the Predator’s arch nemesis, the Alien:

The Alien by Grantmasters

Big game on a small scale

Grantmasters was fortunate enough to capture this unique shot of some mighty and majestic symbols of African wildlife. By the waterside is a glorious lion. It’s an adult male, of course – you can tell by his luxuriant mane. And behind him is an African bush elephant. Just look at that powerful trunk! As you might know, they use their trunks to pluck at grass and leaves while feeding. And you may wonder what animal is under the flat-crown tree in the background? No doubt it’s a famous white rhinoceros. But don’t exepct them to be white – they are gray. And unlike black rhinos, they have only one horn.

At the Watering Hole

I can’t wait for Grantmasters’ next photo safari! Who knows what other animals will get in the picture – will it be some South African giraffes or plain zebras?

Think with your feet...and run!

TBB has encountered a new species of alien thanks to Jake RF and they seem to come well equipped with breathing apparatuses, radios, weapons and leg pouches filled with…well, let’s just say that I don’t think it’s snacks and a can of soda…

Alien Large Figures

Jake has maximised poseability by using Mixel ‘ball and socket’ components for the main body  joints (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee). The Aliens’ feet are created using  Star Wars Battle Droid heads and torsos. Their hands use the Battle Droid torso and arms while their head also utilise the droid’s head and torso. The side view shows the strange functionality of using droid heads to form feet — I bet they can scale walls better than Spiderman! I love the added breathing apparatus attached to the “mouth” area: it is clear that these aliens are not from our World.

Maybe they come in peace…