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Creepy crawly or fuzzy & fluffly (yes, that’s possible in LEGO), we love our LEGO animals. Check them out here, and fall in love yourself.

Amazing Pokemon Rapidash by Mike Nieves

How do you follow something as amazing as Rivendell? Well, Mike Nieves (Retinence) may have used fewer bricks in this version of Rapidash from Pokemon, but he’s mastered them well. Mike is a long-time adept at creating organic curves with LEGO, and the rippling muscles and mane of this creation prove it.

Pokemon: Rapidash

I see your magnifying glass and raise you a laser.

I don’t think a sadistic little boy would want to pull the wings off of this bug. He just may get a missile or a laser bolt up his jacksie if he tried.

Heavy Artillery Tank Beetle

If this sort of thing is what floats your boat, you better head on over to rongYIREN’s photostream because it is overflowing with goodies like this.

This creature totally rocks

Bad puns aside, Dave Foreman has proven that a sufficiently talented builder can make a fantastic-looking creature out of almost any pieces. Using the notoriously disliked BURPs (Big Ugly Rock Pieces) and LURPs (Little Ugly Rock Pieces), Dave creates this astounding rock monster that is what we all wish the Rock Raider’s Rock Monster or this set had looked like. The best part is that Dave says this is only a practice run before he builds a better version with a full scene.

Monday morning silliness.

Yes, I realize that today is Tuesday, but yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada, so today is my ‘Monday’. I also know that really doesn’t make sense, nor does it really have anything to do with the following creations…well actually I suppose it kind of is relevant because these don’t really make much sense either. But they did make me chuckle on this rainy Monday morning.

Wild 'Shroom Bandit...

All Terrain Trike

Not that it needs to be said, but these wonderful things are courtesy of Karf Oohlu

At the end of days, only this will remain

This Bionicle bug by Monsterbrick is as terrifying picture of what will haunt the ruins of humanity after the apocalypse. This build is a perfect example of how much can be accomplished with just a few pieces–I doubt there are more than 35 pieces in this model, yet it’s strikingly well crafted.

Quick! Step on that!