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Creepy crawly or fuzzy & fluffly (yes, that’s possible in LEGO), we love our LEGO animals. Check them out here, and fall in love yourself.

Like a moth to a flame

I always feel a deep sympathy for moths stuck indoors at night, attempting to flutter straight somewhere but instead circling a nearby electric light they mistake for the far-off moon or stars. LEGO lepidoptery enthusiast Revan has constructed a gorgeous white moth alighting on a patch of ground, complete with sprigs of grass enlarged to great proportions. Revan has captured the big black eyes and stubby little legs of these adorable fuzzy night-time creatures.


Next time you see a moth trapped indoors, be gentle and help it, won’t you?

Bitten by the bug building bug

While I have no fear of ants in general, this one scares me to bits becomes of its huge size! I’m not sure what Leonid An was thinking when building this monstrosity. Like me, I bet many of you right now are instinctively reaching out for a rolled up newspaper or a boot to stomp this bug. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see if the builder churns out more of these realistic looking creepy crawlies.

Dinoponera gigantea

One ancient evil only pixelated dots would fear

When in need of whacky (and some times unsettling) creations, Fedde Barendrecht‘s photostream is always a good place to start, with fresh material being added on an almost daily basis. If you are interested in finding out more about Fedde’s work, I recommend reading the interview we did with him recently. His latest creation is a strange combination of the ancient demonic god Cthulu and the famous videogame character Pac Man. The result is a strange, funny-scary monster with some nice part usage and techniques, most notably the teeth inside the spherical Death Star piece.


LEGO niffler will steal all your pearl-gold and trans-clear bricks

After more than a decade of hit-or-miss Harry Potter movies, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them quite as much as I did. One of my favorite early scenes is the niffler popping around New York stealing every jewel in sight and secreting them away in his infinite, Doraemon-like pouch. Tyler Halliwell takes a break from his usual macabre fare to bring us an adorable, life-size LEGO niffler, replete with coins and treasures.


The creature looks quite pleased with himself, though his fur appears to be a bit ruffled after being chased and cornered by Newt Scamander. 50 points to whatever house Tyler belongs to for the brick-built LEGO wall and floor.

The elegant flight of a fruit bat, emulated with LEGO

Kristal from JK Brickworks shares a lifelike build of a fruit bat in flight. Mind-blowing in its simplicity and elegance — the motion is powered by a single motor and cleverly-placed gears. Check out this amazing mechanical contraption in action…

In the video, Jason Allemann shares with us the detailed mechanics behind this creation (as a reminder, Jason is the other half of the duo behind the 21305 LEGO Ideas Maze). This model really brings truth to the saying “the only limit is your own imagination”. The only thing that could perhaps improve this model is a snip or two at a cape from 75111 Vader figure to give the wings some organic look and spread.

The Bat

Nightmares that invade our dreams are made of Bionicle parts

I’m both afraid and amazed at this winged, evil humanoid incarnation. Alieraah utilises a vast array of bionicle parts to create a monster that has various points of articulation and a well shaped organic form. This creates a pose-able creature with personality. The dynamic poses and expression keep me looking at it, and seeing new details every time I do. That tail looks absolutely deadly. Also, did you notice the Galidor piece that he uses?

Endeavor the Mad

Build your own LEGO Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn [Instructions]

Since you all loved the LEGO Thunderjaw that we featured the other day, we figured you might enjoy a LEGO version of another creature from Horizon: Zero Dawn. This time it’s a Tallneck by South African builder Wayne de Beer. However, Wayne has not only recreated this majestic beast in brick form, he has also created instructions so that you can build your own!

Via makers.htxt.

Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to build a mosquito

Did you know Iceland is the only country in the world that has no mosquitoes? I bet our readers from the North have not a single idea how pesky and horrid these little monsters are. Luckily, this outstanding insect by Mister N perfectly depicts everything we ‘love’ so much about them. Long needle-shaped legs? Check. Tiny belly full of warm blood? Check. A pair of cold soul-less eyes? Oh, yes.

A Nightmare on Mosquito St.

Your heart will sink before the Heart Eater

Previously Anthony Wilson built an interesting kinetic LEGO sculpture of a beating heart. It was great to begin with, but now he has incorporated it an unsettling sculpture — The Heart Eater. Don’t miss the realistic skull and the pentagram in the base.

The Heart Eater

Check out this moody video of the heart beating in the monster’s hand. The builder says the lighting was not ideal, but I like to think it was deliberate to create a more eerie effect.

The great Steambug migration has begun

You may have heard of the great migration of the Serengeti wildebeest, who migrate over 1,600 kilometres each year in search of grass and water. Well, the dust is rising over Butcher Paper Canyon, and it’s due to the massive Steambug Migration heading across the land, thanks to  Ted Andes’ imagination and building skills. There are 7 initial species of Steambug present in this migration, but Ted hopes that many more will join by the time the migration reaches BrickWorld later this year.

The Great Steambug Migration - BW17

Let’s get the magnifying glass out and take a closer look at these Steambugs.

See all of these LEGO critters up close

The Internet gives bird-th to the strangest things

The “Trash Doves” sticker set is a strange phenomenon that erupted across Facebook quite suddenly as a meme during the week of Valentines Day, starting in Thailand and soon spreading across the globe. In Thailand ‘nok’ is the word for “bird” – and is supposedly also associated with unrequited love. And now it has been transposed into brick form thanks to Wen Yeh Ng. I’m still perplexed by all this, so I’m not going to try to figure it out; I’ll just wait for the next one to come along and bewilder me!