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Creepy crawly or fuzzy & fluffly (yes, that’s possible in LEGO), we love our LEGO animals. Check them out here, and fall in love yourself.

Nature’s magnificence transformed into exquisite LEGO mechs

It’s quite a feat to turn an organic living creature into a LEGO representation, but Mitsuru Nikaido takes it up three notches. He seems to have an exquisite set of skills in taking animals and creatures alike turning them into astounding mech interpretations. He also has a knack for using a minimal color palette to bring out the best contrast.

First up is the menacing (almost frightening!) locust, big enough to single-handedly devour a corn field on its own. At first glance, it’s hard to see the work put into this. I encourage you to zoom’s in and admire the how the builder used different LEGO elements to create the desired effect. Keep an eye out for the banana element in dark bluish grey.

LEGO Mech Locusta migratoria-01

Up next is an elegant red crowned crane, commonly known as a Japanese crane. What really stands out in this build is the simplicity of parts used, including white Technic plates and curves to represent the shape of the crane. My favourite part is how the 3 golden Japanese ninja sword elements are appropriately used to represent the beak of a national icon.

LEGO Mech Red-crowned crane-01

A killer whale, ready to kill

One of the best creature builders out there, Japanese builder aurore&aube graces us with his skills once again, this time with an incredibly accurate representation of an Orcinus Orca. It appears the builder has used cut stickers as the white facial features of the killer whale, which captures the characteristic look of this marine mammal perfectly. Aquadynamic shaping is generally not easy to recreate in LEGO, but if I were to trust anyone with this challenge, this builder would probably be at the top of the list.

Orcinus orca 001

This is not the first time we have featured this builder’s animals, with some of his best being a blue and tan Tyrannosaurus Rex and an albino sperm whale.

Gorgeous Gargantuan GODZILLA in all its Glory

This gigantic Godzilla is a masterpiece like no other. Builder IGU gloriously captures the essence of this monster and leaves you in awe. The tail construction features a great use of tyres to give it an organic look and feeling of strength.

I can’t think of anything scarier that has been constructed in LEGO in recent times. The Stegosaurus-like plates are cleverly constructed, giving Godzilla his familiar silhouette. He stands tall and proud, and makes you wonder at just how heavy this guy really is!

LEGO MOC: Godzilla

Santa versus dragon

A while ago, I was involved in a conversation that led to the phrase “Santa Claus fighting a dragon”. Something so ridiculous and insane just has to be built, so I did. I used some of my established techniques and here is the result. There is really not much more to be said about a build like this: what you see is what you get. Merry dungeon Christmas!

Santa versus dragon

Very woof, such dog, so holidays ...wow!

I am not here to debate whether animals understand the concept of holidays, let alone christmas, but from the expression on this puppy’s face it appears this one does. James Zhan has used seemingly simple techniques in the body, building mostly with regular bricks, to give a very realistic impression of fur. On the other hand, the head is much more complex, but still similar in texture with its staggered slopes. My favourite part must be the sense of character presented by the cute little costume and expressive face wishing all who celebrate it, a verry merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

A whale... that is also an island!

I love how insane and magical this whale island by Delayice is. The rounded shapes, which are notoriously hard to capture with LEGO bricks, are done perfectly. What I love the most are the colourful trees peeking from behind the mountain and the waterfall flowing off of the whale. The builder does not provide any information on the inspiration, but I could easily imagine this creature in a fairytale or an anime.

whale island

Laser Pig is a bacon lover’s worst nightmare

Naturally most LEGO exosuits we see have a more or less humanoid appearance, but occasionally builders will craft them from a more beastly perspective. Will Galb does just that with his Laser Pig, which is sure to leave bacon lovers with a terrifying vision of the future.

Laser Pig

Will has turned the usually adorable pig into a laser-equipped death machine. With enough weaponry to level a city block, you could be forgiven for running in fear from this powered-up porcine. After all, he looks like a twisted, futuristic take on Napoleon from Animal Farm. But, as the builder describes it, Laser Pig was in fact designed as humanity’s last hope in a dystopian world ruled by alien overlords. In a time when humans fail, our farm animals may just become our saviors – especially if we outfit them with lasers and exo-armor. Something to think about next time you’re eating a ham sandwich.

...we salute you!

The other side to this year’s MOC Olympics finale madness was built by none other than Slovenian builder Deus Otiosus. Check out this amazingly detailed and rather mossy arena. The crumbling brickwork and throne are quite impressive, but my favorite details are the wonderfully expressive brick-built characters and the and fire-breathing dragon. Just look at that cone of flame erupting from the lizard beast’s mouth!

MOC Olympics Finals: Full view

I think that the character sitting on the throne looks more jester than king, but that only adds to the madness of this LEGO creation. Deus Otiosus’s opponent in this LEGO duel to the death is W. Navarre, with his stupendous arena battle between a gladiator and a tiger. I certainly don’t envy the judges this year. To find out who was victorious, head over to MOCpages.

MOC Olympics Finals: Gladiator MOC Olympics Finals: Big D. MOC Olympics finals: Charred skeleton

Those who are about to die...

The final round of battle of the 2016 MOC Olympics is here and the top two contestants have been thrown to the lions and forced to build spectacular scenes of gladiatorial combat. For his final entry, W. Navarre built a gladiator facing off against a fearsome man-eating tiger.

Into the Arena

The most impressive thing about this build is not the beautifully sculpted figures (though those are amazing!), but the fact that the entire scene is completely filled with LEGO. There’s so much texture and even a bit of gore, it feels like I’m sitting in the front row of the great Colosseum. Mr Navarre’s opponent in this LEGO duel to the death is Deus Otiosus with his fantastical arena battle between a knight and a dragon.

You think it’s ugly now? Wait until the sun goes down

The Gamma Dragon by Mitch is, on the surface, just an absolutely huge blue dragon with a ridiculous amount of older Bionicle pieces used throughout.

Gamma Dragon2

But, when the lights go down, the abundance of pieces from 8935: Nocturn light up thanks to their glow in the dark properties.

Gamma DragonThe head, though, is from one of my personal favourite sets, 8922: Gadunka. I’d been meaning to turn that set into a mech since I got it back in 2007, but I can’t bear to take it apart.

What does LEGO hell look like?

What sane person would ask themselves this question? Deus Otiosus and Letranger Absurde would, that’s who! To be fair, both of these builders were forced to come to terms with the LEGO underworld thanks to the 2016 MOC Olympics contest. Deus and Letranger recently faced off in the semi-finals. Their task? To go to H. E. double hockey sticks, literally.


Deus’s scene depicts Satan’s throne room, complete with a throne of bones and plenty of gore. The lava even lights up! My favorite detail is the bone pentagram on the back of the Devil’s throne. You’ll want to check out all the other angles on this gruesome build as a single image doesn’t do it justice.


Letranger’s hellish creation is equally impressive, though perhaps a little too cute (it’s hard to truly fear anything with Mixel eyes). Sitting on his throne in all his glory is Baphomet, the diabolical Sabbatic goat supposedly worshiped by early Knights Templar. If you’re feeling brave, take a look at what sits beneath his throne.