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Creepy crawly or fuzzy & fluffly (yes, that’s possible in LEGO), we love our LEGO animals. Check them out here, and fall in love yourself.

Red panda, standing by

They’re not really red, nor strictly pandas. But what these little cat-bear-fox-racoons are is totally adorable. And this LEGO version by German builder AnActionFigure captures that in spades. The beautifully curled up tail and body are constructed using simple bricks, which somehow convey a sense of furriness, while more complex parts and techniques are employed to provide detail and expression to the creature’s face. OMG SO MUCH CUTENESS! ಥ‿ಥ

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea

Mitsuru Nikaido is clearly a fan of the sea and its inhabitants. His LEGO coral reef is as colourful and teeming with sea life as the real thing. A giant squid, sea turtle and a great white shark are relaxing and enjoying some of the reef’s bounty, which in this case appear to be a school of nervous looking clownfish.

LEGO Coral reef-01

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Robot dragon is all fire and death

Combining two of the coolest things in the world – dragons and robots – Dennis Qui brings us the mech dragon Shiryu. This absolutely massive build is filled with some great texturing throughout. The best part of the build must be the wings. Although they’re a very simplistic build, the shades of grey provided by aged and weathered LEGO pieces gives them a nice, natural look.

Dragon Mech - Shiryu

What does the fox say?

Nothing. It’s too dang cold for this beautifully crafted LEGO animal to waste energy on words. Instead, it waits patiently for a morsel of protein to sally forth from a hole in the snow. Although the woodland creatures of Miro Dudas are breathtaking to behold, don’t forget to notice the expertly detailed tuft of grass yearning for spring, or the complex topography of the pristine frozen landscape. Winter has come.

Winter Fox Hunt

And what does the wolf say? Something along the lines of “Arrr-ooooo!” Which, strangely, is also what a pirate says when he sees a nice boat.

Call of the Wild

Catbus knows your destination

What is a Catbus? Well, it’s a cat that’s a bus of course! This particular Catbus has been crafted by CK Tsang and is an excellent depiction of Catbus at this scale. Catbus is a character from the classic anime movie My Neighbor Totoro by legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The wide grinning smile and bright ‘headlight’ eyes are perfectly captured in this build. Don’t worry about the lack of a door, as one of those windows will elongate should you want to climb aboard for a ride.


Five new 2017 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets revealed [News]

Continuing our ongoing coverage of LEGO’s 2017 lineup, here’s your first look at five new Creator sets. These are probably only the smaller half of the 2017 Creator line, so keep your eyes out for more in the near future. In the meantime, take a look at this sweet dinosaur 3-in-1 set that builds a T-rex, triceratops, and pterodactyl, and check out the rest below.

31058 Mighty Dinosaurs, 174 pieces

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 2017

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And don’t miss that Amazon has some good deals on current Creator sets right now, such as 31050 Corner Deli for 25% off and 31052 Vacation Getaways for 20% off.

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Lovely little LEGO lizards

A lot of real-life things recreated with LEGO bricks look bizarre and mind-boggling. But what about some of the most alien-looking lizards on planet Earth? Not one, but two brilliant chameleons came across our radar lately. The first one is by Dvd; it’s a little bit clumsy yet such an adorable lizard. And if its design looks slightly imperfect to you that’s because it was built solely out of pieces from LEGO Creator set 31034 Future Flyers. What a gorgeous alternative creation!


Another chameleon by Mitsuru Nikaido is a great example of an animal mech. These tiny pads, huge round eyes and a long spiral tail give this lizard such a credible design, and putting it on a twig is a beautiful way to present the creation.

LEGO Mech Chameleon-01

A Wizened Dragon to Bring You Victory

Aaron Newman‘s latest dragon is this beautiful sand-green and and gold beast. As we discussed in our interview with Aaron earlier this year, he builds in the style of official sets, so the dragon is completely poseable and quite sturdy unlike many fan-built LEGO dragons we highlight. I’d love to have this creature sitting on my desk, perhaps leaping into battle.

Obashi Mist Dragon

Obashi Portrait

What’s this? What’s this?! There’s color everywhere!

Are you ready for a trip to Halloween Town? We posted a fantastic minifig-scale scene with Jack Skellington and the Mayor earlier, and have more to show you from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Let’s get this party started!

First up is a great pair of custom minifigs from Yong Hoon Yoon. His minifig scale Jack and Sally are just wonderful; Sally is spot on.

#HOBBYBRICK #하비브릭 #Halloween #The_Nightmare_before_Christmas #Jack & #Sally #크리스마스의악몽 #아키동이

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Fine pieces make fine birds

Serbian builder Djordje, who is at his best when creating large action figures, surprises us with this tiny sparrow. There’s nothing complicated in its structure, yet it looks so lively it could take flight the moment its creator was taking the picture. My favourite touch is the sparrow’s legs; I guess from now on I won’t be able to look at droid arms without thinking about birds…

Tiny Sparrow

LEGO Chupacabra lives!

While many regard the Chupacabra as an urban myth, we now know differently. Mr. Cab has built/obtained physical proof that the creature is real! Okay, maybe the existence of the legendary Goat-Sucker hasn’t been scientifically proven, but this build is legendary in it’s own right.

The Chupacabra

I love the eager stance of the creature. It looks like it’s ready to lunge right into a herd of defenseless goats. But the syringe and glove really give this build a hint of context while still leaving you with questions. Is the Chupacabra alive or dead? Are they injecting it or taking a sample? The world demands answers!

Life-size LEGO facehugger is a thing of nightmares

It looks like Paul Reiser (aka Carter Burke from Aliens) has been releasing facehuggers into the homes of innocent people again! No, this grainy photo isn’t a still from the next film in the Alien franchise, but it could be! Seriously, mordatre‘s LEGO facehugger is terrifyingly good. The sleek Bionicle pieces combine perfectly to create a realistic and dynamic alien exoskeleton. I love the posable tail and legs. But if this thing could move on its own, I don’t think I’d ever be able to sleep again.


Here’s a better (?) look at the nasty creature.