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Bionicle was a line of sets that grew out of the LEGO Technic line that LEGO produced between 2001 and 2010, succeeded by Hero Factory. Bionicle had an incredibly complex storyline that accompanied the sets, and most of the elements didn’t integrate well with traditional SYSTEM bricks. As a result, long-time adult fans like the contributors here on The Brothers Brick never quite appreciated what Bionicle had to offer, so most of the LEGO models we feature here on The Brothers Brick are built from traditional SYSTEM bricks. Nevertheless, we do appreciate a great Bionicle creation from time to time.

Deeper into Planet Nidoria with Chrispockster

The intrepid retro-space astronauts of Chrispockster‘s exploratory crew continue to encounter fascinating residents of the Planet Nidoria. Nidorians are of course famous for their bright green thoroughbred mounts (that’s a Bionicle creature put to excellent use):

The crew itself has recently received an upgrade, accompanied by Robbie the Robot:

Cagerrin’s Bionicle frog has an adorable mechanical leg

Cagerrin‘s poor Bionicle frog must have lost a leg, but Cagerrin is a kind soul, so now the frog has a mechanical leg:

Since the leg is apparently steam-powered, this is our first post to contain the word “frogpunk” (though not the first reference to the concept). See Cagerrin’s Brickshelf gallery for delicious froggy goodness.

Thanks to Jamie for the e-mail, and BioniBlog for the reminder.

The Weighted Companion Cube will accompany you throughout the test.

Since I’m running an older Mac here at home (too old to dual-boot or run VPC), my knowledge of Portal is limited — and reinterpreted — by the many LEGO creations the game has inspired.

Nevertheless, I recognize a good Weighted Companion Cube when I see one. Le’pena uses mainly Technic and Bionicle pieces to achieve the necessary effect:

Striking a pose

The rather large Bionicle community and creations are not so well represented here on our blog, but once in a while a Bionicle figure catches my eye. This one is called Shinonome, created by Brickshelf user “fuh-min“. What’s especially outstanding regarding this creation is the strikingly awesome posability of the figure, which includes this b-boy handstand. Check out the gallery for some more.

Nuala, magess of Earth

I honestly can’t tell one humanoid Bionicle creation from another (sorry), but the life-like foliage in this vignette of “Nuala, magess of Earth” by Brickshelfer MuffinToa is pretty darn cool. The integration of SYSTEM pieces with Bionicle is what sets this apart — particularly in the green canopy of the tree.

Thanks for the tip, reader Joey!