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Some LEGO builders elevate the form to fine art in its own right, while others enjoy reproducing famous works of art with the brick. Find beautiful and thought-provoking LEGO artwork right here.

LEGO Minifigs – Now in Wooden Form

Fellow Brother-Brick Tim[1] spotted these, and I couldn’t pass them up. They’re made by a cat who goes by the name Ragskin, and posted on DeviantArt. I know some folks are not fans of Lego themed (but non-Lego made/licensed) art pieces, but I am. In fact, years ago, I welded together some LEGO bricks from steel. They jury of that art show quite liked them, actually. Regardless, I think these wooden minifigs would be a great office decoration, and a little classier than a standard creation. I’d like to think one of these could sit in Jorgen Vig’s office. I especially dig the attention to detail taken on the space man.

Ragskin's Wooden Minifigs

[1] EDIT TG: Actually, Heliodelic pointed me to them, I merely passed the information along.

Fire and water

Sean and Steph Mayo have cranked their building skills to overdrive to bring us two back-to-back creations featuring real fire and water. The first is a spinning flame sculpture called Green Fire Tornado, and the second is a beautiful terrarium with a working waterfall. There are no limits to what can be built with Lego when these two are at work.

Lego Terrarium

Sci-Fi LEGO that is just plain stylish

If I were to describe the work of Jonas (LEGOLIZE IT MAN) I think the most appropriate word would be ‘stylish’. It is relatively easy to make a LEGO spaceship and take a picture of it. It is another thing altogether to make it look legitimately cool. Perhaps I am biased, but I would tend to think that your average person seeing this (whether being a LEGO fan or not) would say, “Well that looks rad!”

If Jonas were to publish a coffee table book full of prints of his work, I would buy it immediately. I would read it…and then I would be inspired to build cool LEGO sci-fi things.

AGA ship

Un-edited alternate views

I like it when people’s builds make me want a coffee table book full of them.

LEGO Macaw takes flight in a burst of iridescent plumage

Sean and Steph Mayo (AKA Siercon and Coral) have gained lots of altitude with their latest creation. The Macaw itself is incredible but the studio setting they have created highlights it very nicely. I also really love the signature in the bottom left corner of the “painting” and you have to admit that the Pick-a-Brick cup full of water is nice touch. My only questions is whether or not the cup is filled with official LEGO water…

Iridescent Flight

Hail to the new King!

Many of you may have missed it, but it was hard to miss in the Netherlands, my home country: since yesterday we have a new king and queen: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima (yes, that is the name given to her by her parents). This momentous occasion prompted Paul Toxopeus (P@u! +ox) to build these wonderful portraits.

Portraits of the new king and queen of the Netherlands

Considering the limits of the colour palette, these are surprisingly recognisable. Hail to the new King!