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5 LEGO CUUSOO projects that need your support by Sep 3

We’re just a few days away from September 3rd, the date that kicks off the autumn review period on LEGO CUUSOO. It’s not really a deadline, as such — projects that don’t hit 10,000 supporters can continue earning supporters and get into a future review cycle — but there are a handful of projects that have enough supporters that we want to give them an extra nudge to see if they can hit 10K within the next week.

At the top of my personal list (and currently the most supported project in this post at 6,552 supporters) stands Peter Reid‘s hardsuit. It’s every kind of awesome, and deserves a chance to be made into an awesome LEGO set.

LEGO hardsuit by Pete Reid on CUUSOO

Since we first posted about his British bird series back in May, DeTomaso Pantera has not only created a project for them on CUUSOO, earning 3,213 supporters as of today, but also delved into tropical birds. They’re lovely, and deserve even more love from each and every one of you.


Any list with gorgeous LEGO birds wouldn’t be complete without this adorable red squirrel by Arjen Vuurzoon. This excellent and naturalistic model deserves many more than the 1,226 supporters it has today.

LEGO red squirrel on LEGO CUUSOO

Chris blogged Jason‘s customizable labyrinth maze game back in April, but like DeTomaso’s birds above, Jason created the LEGO CUUSOO project soon afterward, and he’s earned 2,205 supporters since then. This is an excellent, well-planned design with a lot of play possibilities, and deserves 7,795 more supporters.

LEGO labyrinth marble maze on LEGO CUUSOO

My admiration of Masao Hidaka‘s pianos goes back to the very earliest days of this blog. Masao’s LEGO CUUSOO project, currently with 2,725 supporters, proposes famous composers with appropriate keyboard instruments — and that’s music to my ears!

LEGO composers on LEGO CUUSOO

If you’re still here and not off clicking the big green Support button over on CUUSOO, I may as well explain a bit more how I see The Brothers Brick supporting LEGO CUUSOO projects in the future.

As I explained in our anniversary post last month, I’m really only interested in seeing The Brothers Brick support CUUSOO projects that have a realistic likelihood that LEGO will approve. Everything else is a waste of energy.

Just for a bit of additional clarity, here are the kinds of projects that we won’t be supporting here on the blog (so, seriously, please don’t ask):

  • Sets that LEGO already has a license for, like Star Wars and Batman
  • Ideas based on M-rated video games, R-rated movies, or “TV-MA” shows
  • Pointlessly obscure pop culture references
  • Set and theme ideas for which one of LEGO’s competitors already has the building toy license (K’Nex has Nintendo, Mega Bloks has Halo & World of WarCraft, and so on)
  • For that matter, pretty much any set or theme that would require a new license, whether it’s a specific make of car, the mascot of a mobile phone operating system, or a fruit-themed computer company…
  • Projects without global appeal (pretty much everything in the bullets above)
  • Gargantuan ideas — sorry, Nannan! :-P

Even though we’re going to be a bit less stringent about this next guideline here at TBB, LEGO has said that CUUSOO is about proposing specific sets, not broad themes. Proposed themes with great primary models (or many to choose from, like the birds) may indeed have something from among the project’s models made into a set, and we’re happy to highlight the idea, but we’ll be doing so with the clear understanding that we’re supporting (and asking our readers to support) a model/set, not a theme idea.

Again, what are you still doing here?! Head on over to LEGO CUUSOO to support these — and many other — deserving projects.

Wouldn’t want to be attacked by a horde of these!

Oh wait that was the Mongols wasn’t it??

Regardless, if a group of these Mongrels came stomping into town I would surely be headed for the hills!

Once again, m_o_n_k_e_y proves that he is a master at building large scale mecha with an absurd amount of detail. This thing looks like the mechanics are fully functional. And that colouring is just so fantastic!



Gare de Rochefort in bricky glory

Train Station

I’ve been somewhat less than diligent in my checking of Brickshelf lately, so I count myself very fortunate I caught the Eurobricks thread for this wonderful train station. Unlike art deco, which is lends itself nicely to LEGO bricks, the art nouveau style of Rochefort’s main station is quite a challenge to represent in LEGO. But Domino39 has pulled it off with aplomb. Beautiful work. See especially the droid hands making up the front canopy.

Where the Sea, Sky, and Stone Meet, There You Will Find The Loneliest Soldiers

Soldiering in a place like the Colonial Outpost by The Brick Time Team must be a little desired job–although it affords views like no other. This really is an excellent piece of work, though. The weathering of the sandstone walls is superbly done, and probably does more to make this MOC stand out than anything else. The rest of the diorama is terrific too, however, with the good effect made of the transparent 1×1 round plates for water, and some nicely detailed rock work.

Colonial Outpost #002

[Event] BrisBricks 2012 – Sep 29 to Oct 1 2012

While I’ve dusted off my login credentials I’ll also take a moment to pimp something that’s never happened to me before: a LEGO event in the city I live. So I announce the BrisBricks 2012 show, running here in sunny Brisbane from Sep 29th to Oct 1st. Find more details below the logo.


BrisBricks – LEGO® Fan Expo 2012: Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1 Brisbane [News]

The Brisbane LEGO® Train Group is proud to announce our first Annual LEGO® Fan Expo – BrisBricks!
Our inaugural show will be three fun filled days open to the public across the October long weekend in the sunny South Brisbane suburb of Mt Gravatt.

In addition to some great MOCs, awesome displays and some classic sets we’ll also have specialty LEGO® retailer Bricks n Fun on-site for all your LEGO® needs.
Show times:
Saturday 29th September 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday 30th September 9:00am to 5:00pm
Monday 1st October 9:00am to 4:00pm

Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds
Hamlyn-Harris Pavilion
1644 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt QLD

Ticket Pricing:
Adults: $6.00
Children: $2.00 (3-15yrs)
Children under 3 Free

If you’re interested in exhibiting, you can drop us a line at [email protected]
Stay tuned for more details about special exhibits and other fun stuff.
Checkout our website at for more details or follow us on Facebook!

Recognising the Re-Gogg E

As you may (or may not!) have noticed I’ve been on something of a hiatus lately thanks to IRL business and busyness. But sometimes there are things that force me to post. Like this awesome Gundam universe inspired, Z-Gog-E influenced mecha by FateHeart. I think the fingers could do with a little bit of work but the rest of RSu-02e Re-Gogg E is a layered and angled beauty.

United Earth Federation Ground Arm - RSu-02e Re-Gogg E

Rivendell captured in Lego

Blake Baer and Jack Bittner present their second collaboration shown at BrickFair earlier this month. This time they built the beautiful Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. This is the first time I’ve seen the olive colored leaves used in significant quantities and they are great highlights on top of an already gorgeous diorama. You can see a video tour of the details on Flickr and more pictures including behind-the-scenes shots on MOCpages.